How EarnKaro Makes Money: The Truth About EarnKaro’s Business Model

Introduction #

Back in 2019, when the Indian e-commerce market was growing, affiliate marketing used to be a thing for big players or people who understood marketing on a deeper level. It was not meant for everyone or the masses at the time.

But Indian people, including students, housewives, and full-time employees, were looking to make an extra income while staying at home. It’s because of the convenience factor that they can earn money in their free time without disturbing their daily routine.

This is when EarnKaro entered the market with the aim of introducing affiliate marketing to the masses. They positioned themselves as an affiliate marketing platform for everyone.

They redefined affiliate marketing in the Indian market with a simple and quick signup process and reached out to the masses to promote products to make extra earnings. Not only that, but they also redefined terminologies so that audiences with no prior experience in marketing could understand them.

Today, over 20 lakh affiliate marketers have already joined the platform and are promoting over 200 stores, including Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra. Affiliates earn around Rs. 50,000 a month by simply promoting products via blogs, social media, YouTube, etc. EarnKaro is clocking in the revenue of $5.7 Million a year. The question is, how did they do it? 

Let’s start with the beginning, how they started, and how they grew.

The Beginning #

EarnKaro was founded by Swati and Rohan Bhargava in 2019, the couple who also founded the coupon and cashback platform, CashKaro in 2013. Before starting EarnKaro, they already had six years of experience in the industry, and they had a good understanding of the Indian market and consumer behaviour. They noticed there is a gap in the Indian affiliate marketing industry that needs to be filled.

Have you seen students recommending products they are using to their friends?

Have you seen housewives recommending products to their neighbours or an office employee recommending something to their colleagues?

This is quite common not just in India but around the globe.

Are they getting any benefit from recommending these products? No, they are doing it for free. So, why not monetize this opportunity and help them make some extra bucks?

But most affiliate platforms didn’t leverage this untapped opportunity the way EarnKaro did.

Two founders decided to position their brand, EarnKaro as an affiliate marketing network for everyone. Whether you are an influencer, housewife, student, or office employee, everyone can join their network and promote the products that are available.

But this wasn’t enough. They wanted to build a platform that generates real value for brands as well. Since these professionals weren’t seasoned marketers, they had to take extra efforts to build a platform that delivers results. It’s not that professional affiliate marketers are not using EarnKaro, they are also using it. But EarnKaro had to find a way to help everyone and simplify the process. 

Here are a few things that EarnKaro did differently than its competitors that helped them stand out in the market and provide a fully packaged deal that attracted affiliate deals.

👉 What makes EarnKaro unique from other affiliate platforms? #

Quick two-step signup process

Try signing up on EarnKaro, and you will notice that the signup process on EarnKaro is very quick and easy. It includes adding your email address/phone, verifying it using OTP, and that’s it, you are done!

Most affiliate platforms will ask for addresses, website domains, and so much more. It makes the process lengthy and complicated. Some have restrictions like you need to have a site, a proven experience, and so on. But EarnKaro used this simple method, with no restrictions in place, so anyone can register on their platform.

Use of easy-to-understand terminologies

Check the image above; EarnKaro has used the word “Profit,” which is actually a commission. But why? The reason is very simple: the people who promote products from EarnKaro come from different backgrounds, some of them are small-time YouTubers, some are students, and some are housewives. 

So, the word commission didn’t go well with everybody. Profit seems to be the word that most people use and know. So, it’s easy to understand.

Profit Calculator

This is one of the most unique features that you will only find on EarnKaro. You can calculate your monthly profits by selecting the number of orders across different categories. This gives a clear idea to those who are new to the affiliate industry about the earning potential.

It simply acts as a motivation for new affiliates like students, nano influencers, and small time YouTubers to register on EarnKaro and promote the products.

Exclusive deals and special commission rates

EarnKaro partnered with so many Indian D2C retailers that run their affiliate programs only on EarnKaro. Some of them don’t even have an affiliate network on their own website. They are running their affiliate programs on EarnKaro.

This allowed EarnKaro to offer special commission rates for exclusive deals. They also offer attractive commission rates on platforms like Flipkart, Myntra, and Amazon to attract users.

Daily Deals

Ever been on a shopping platform, seen a no-brainer deal, and made a purchase only because you were getting a good deal?

Well, most people do it. But it’s a headache for someone who is not a marketer to go through each platform and find these deals to promote them.

EarnKaro made it easy for everyone to promote these deals. They have technology in place that fetches the deal from multiple platforms. See the example below of BuyKaro Deals.

You can see that there is a “Copy Link” button below the deal. Simply copy this link and share it with your friends and family to earn commissions.

Create Profit Links 🔗💸

You can easily create profit links on EarnKaro. Suppose your friend wants to buy a 5G phone from Flipkart. The same phone that you are using Since they heard good reviews about the phone from you, they are most likely to buy it.

So, now instead of sharing the affiliate link for FlipKart, What you can do is copy the product link and paste it here to generate your profit link. This link will be monetizable now, so whenever your friend purchases using this link, you get a commission. This is a great way for those who want to share specific products and make earnings.

Refer and earn Program for extra earnings

EarnKaro has a referral program, so you can invite more friends to the network. You will earn a flat 10% commission from your friend’s earnings. This helps EarnKaro promote its affiliate network and, at the same time, award users for referring it to their friends and family.

Detailed tracking 📊

EarnKaro provides a detailed tracking system that helps you keep track of your earnings, conversions, and clicks on your affiliate links. Seasoned marketers are used to seeing the cluttered tracking dashboards and it’s easy for them to understand everything. 

But, for students and housewives, it is good to have a simple dashboard. It helps them see their earnings and link performance. EarnKaro did exactly that, and there are very few platforms that offer such convenience to its users.

Here there are a few things that you need to understand

There are three things here:

Confirmed Profit: It shows that the customer hasn’t returned the product, and your profit is confirmed. You can request payment for these profits. It usually takes 60-120 days, depending on the retailer and product category. The minimum amount eligible for withdrawal is Rs. 10, which is very low, so if anyone even makes a single sale, they can withdraw the profit, unlike other platforms where they have certain conditions on withdrawal. 

Pending profit: It shows that the order has been placed, but the retailer hasn’t updated its latest status- returned, not returned, etc. This usually gets updated in a time frame given by the retailer, and it moves to confirmed profit, and you can withdraw it.

Paid profit: Here, you will see the profits paid to date.

Real reviews from Users

You can see the success stories and YouTube video reviews from real users on EarnKaro. Most companies don’t make the effort to reach out to users and get a video review from them.

It is a good practice in the long term. You will see reviews from YouTubers, Telegrammers, Students, and housewives. EarnKaro strategically collected these reviews, so when a student visits the EarnKaro site, they can find a review from a student, and when a YouTuber visits it, they can find a review from a YouTuber.

It helps them build trust and more confidence in viewers’ minds. So many of them have also revealed their earnings, which puts EarnKaro in a credible position.

Hear from some of the EarnKaro affiliates about their experience:

Nikhil: A great opportunity to start a business without making an investment. I started earning Rs. 4,00,000/month using EarnKaro

Aashish: I started earning as a student while studying in college. I am making 4,000 to 8,000 monthly from the platform

Sonal: I am a mother and a housewife. I use my free time at home to promote products through EarnKaro, and I am making Rs. 15,000 a month.

Wide range of categories

EarnKaro entered the market with a wide range of categories, from shopping to groceries, electronics to home and kitchen appliances, everything can be found on EarnKaro.

This allowed EarnKaro to reach a wide range of audiences to promote a variety of products. For example, a housewife can refer to grocery and home appliances, or a beauty product to their neighbour, a student can refer a smartwatch or a smartphone. 

This variety makes EarnKaro a platform, where there is something for everyone to refer.

EarnKaro Magic Tool 

If you have a link that you want to share to multiple social media platforms, this is a tool for automating it. Rather than going to every platform to share links, EarnKaro provides a tool for automating this whole process, so you don’t have to spend time doing mundane tasks.

You can watch the whole process of signup and how to use this too here in this video by EarnKaro:

So, you see all these aspects of EarnKaro acted as a packaged deal for everyone to start their affiliate marketing journey with no prior experience and investment. This unique approach fueled EarnKaro’s growth.

👉 Pros and Cons of EarnKaro #


  • Low Missing transaction rate: Missing transaction rates are often a big issue for affiliates. It means that your link is not tracked by the platform, and you won’t get any commission for the sale. Frustrating, isn’t it? EarnKaro has one of the lowest missing transaction rates in the affiliate industry at around 10%. 
  • Easy payout process: EarnKaro has a simple payout process where you get paid instantly once your commission is confirmed. Sometimes, you will see the pending commission; it is because there is a certain return period on products, and if the customer returns the product, you won’t earn the commission, and if the customer doesn’t return the product, the commission will be transferred into confirmed commission so that you can withdraw it easily. 
  • A wide range of retailers: EarnKaro has a wide range of retailers, from clothing to gadgets, grocery to home essentials, so that affiliates can promote products based on their niche.
  • High commission rate: EarnKaro has quite a lot of retailer offering up to 60% commission rate on their referrals. This is comparatively higher than what other platforms are offering. Indian D2C market is growing, and more and more companies are launching their products, so this competition is leading to them offering higher commissions to get an edge over their competitors.
  • Low Payment Threshold: You can withdraw the amount as low as Rs. 10. That is the minimum earning required for withdrawal. Affiliates can easily earn it by making a single sale.


  • Commission period: The commission period varies from 60 to 120 days, which is normal in the industry, but it’s worth considering. You can choose a product or retailer that has a low commission period for faster earnings.
  • Limited international opportunities: EarnKaro only operates in India, so affiliates who also want to promote products abroad might have to consider other networks.

👉 What are the main ways of earning in EarnKaro? #

EarnKaro offers their affiliates three main ways of earning to maximize their affiliate earnings.

Affiliate marketing

The primary source of earnings for affiliates is promoting retailers’ products and earning commissions as high as 60%, which is pretty good in the industry. Affiliates can earn more by promoting daily deals. Earnings are completely based on how much efforts you are willing to take, so there is no cap. You can earn as much as you can, an average affiliate in India earns between Rs 9000 to 15000 a month on EarnKaro.

Referral program

EarnKaro’s referral program offers a flat 10% commission from the earnings of users who joined using your link. So if your friend earns Rs. 1000 a month, you get Rs. 100 out of it for just referring them to EarnKaro. This applies for a lifetime, so you can enjoy the perks for a lifetime.

Promoting exclusive deals:

This is where you can make some really good money; whenever a retailer launches a sale or discount campaign, you can promote it using your link, and you can get more sales as there are usually huge discounts during these sales.

For example, you can see the sale from mCaffeine here, where they are offering Buy One Get One. People are more likely to buy during this sale, so you can get more sales numbers clocked in and make extra earnings as well.

👉 What is the commission Rate in EarnKaro? #

The commission rate depends on the retailer and category of products or services you choose. EarnKaro has a commission rate as high as 60%. Some retailers also offer flat commission rates, as you can see in the image below.

It’s important to note that the commission rates keep updating regularly on the platform, and it is always a better option to check commissions while promoting the product. 

👉 EarnKaro Product Category Details #

EarnKaro has a wide range of product offerings for affiliates so that they can promote products based on their niche. 

  • Electronics: Affiliates can promote items like smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other tech gadgets from retailers such as Flipkart or Croma.
  • Grocery & Essentials: This category includes daily necessities, groceries, and household supplies that can be promoted from stores like BigBasket or Grofers.
  • Men’s Fashion: This can range from promoting men’s clothing and accessories to grooming products from fashion retailers like Myntra or Jabong.
  • Women’s Fashion: Affiliates can focus on women’s apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products from brands like Ajio or Nykaa Fashion.
  • Men’s Footwear: This includes promoting various styles of men’s shoes, from sports sneakers to formal wear from retailers such as Puma or Bata.
  • Women’s Footwear: Similar to men’s footwear but focused on women’s styles, from heels to sandals, available on platforms like Metro Shoes or Reliance Footprint.
  • Beauty Products: Affiliates can share beauty and makeup products from retailers like Sephora or Nykaa.
  • Health & Personal Care: This includes wellness products, supplements, and personal care items from stores like Healthkart or Medibuddy.
  • Baby Products: Items like baby food, diapers, and toys from brands like FirstCry or Mothercare can be promoted.
  • Home & Kitchen: This category covers a range of products from home appliances to kitchenware from sites like Home Centre or Pepperfry.

👉 How do you register as an affiliate on EarnKaro? #

The process of registration for an affiliate on EarnKaro is quite simple.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. Enter your email and phone number
  4. Verify the phone with an OTP
  5. That’s it; you are all set. You can start promoting products using your link and earn commissions

Key advantages for affiliates

  • Trusted platform in India
  • Exclusive deals and special profit rates
  • Earning opportunities through referral programs
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Transparent earning tracking
  • Low missing transaction rate

👉 How to become a retailer on EarnKaro? #

There is no specific link or page where you can apply to become a retailer on EarnKaro. You can send an email with business names, product details, and categories to [email protected]. The team will review the details and get back to you if your requirements align with the company policies.

You can check the screenshot below to see their response to an inquiry.

Key advantages for retailers

  • Cost-effective marketing model as retailers only have to pay for successful transactions
  • Access to diverse affiliate marketers.
  • Increased visibility and opportunity to acquire customers at relatively low prices

Key Metrics:

Registered users: 20 Lakh+ (2M+) 📊

Partner Shopping sites: 200+ 🛍️

EarnKaro Revenue: $5.7M per year 💵

Average earning for affiliates: Rs. 9000 to 15,000 per month 💸

👉Is EarnKaro a legit or scam affiliate platform? #

EarnKaro is a legit platform, key metrics and reviews mentioned above are enough to prove its genuine business model. Backed by Ratan Tata, and Kalaari Capitals, EarnKaro pioneered as an affiliate marketing platform in India and quickly grabbed the attention of affiliate marketers in India with its high commission rates. 

To prove its legitimacy, here is one payment screenshot of commissions earned.

Moreover, the funding they have raised is from one of the prominent investors in India including Ratan Tata, and Kalaari Capitals. 

You can read more success stories here from EarnKaro affiliates.

Conclusion #

The Affiliate marketing industry in India is growing rapidly with digitization and eCommerce. With the increasing number of content creators and influencers, this industry is becoming a hot favourite for creators. The rise of EarnKaro is just an example of how well affiliate marketing platforms can do in the Indian Market if they tap into the needs and demands of the market and position themselves properly. 

In the coming decade, many more platforms will come and this is the right time to get this opportunity when the competition is low. Build your own affiliate marketing platform and take leverage of this huge market potential.

Contact our team at EnactSoft today. With 11 years of experience serving clients across the globe, we have the expertise to build platforms like EarnKaro. We can help you build a platform that is not only user-friendly but we can help you build a business model that can make you profitable.

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