How to create offer for the outlet?

Table of Contents

Offer creation #

Visit the seller panel

  1. Click on change the outlet label and select one outlet under which you want to add the offer.
  2. Click on the offer i.e side-bar menu.

By clicking on add in-store offer button one form will appear.

  • fill-up the form properly and click on submit button then the offer is created in draft mode.
    Note:- As you have changed the status of the outlet similarly you can also change the offer status too.
  • Now Retailer can send the outlet to review and the admin can examine that outlet and change its status.
  • you can go to the outlet preview mode and click on the “send to review” button.
  • After that admin will get the notification of that Offer approval request and examine it and change its status.
  • When the status is published from the admin side, it will appear in the front end.