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A global company founded by Affiliate industry specialists to offer complete business solutions including coupons software, cashback website, comparison shopping websites, app, cashback browser extension, and custom software development.


Our Services

As an end-to-end technology partner, we offer complete business solutions to affiliate industry customers across the globe. Our ability to transform complex business cases by using cutting edge technologies into robust solutions has won many hearts across the globe.


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All-round services under one roof!

We craft world-class websites, mobile apps, browser extensions, custom software solutions, VPS setup, deployment, third-party integrations, automation, etc. so that, it delivers increased business efficiency.

How we work

Our perceived execution approaches take care of a wide range of client’s specifications like design, features, functionalities, branding all within their budget.

Most common for individuals launching a start-up. But, unsure about the scale and looking to minimize the initial investment and risk this execution approach best fits in.


  1. Decide a product with/without an add-on.
  2. Configure the system.
  3. Testing.
  4. Launch.


  • Quick to go live
  • Affordable pricing
  • All essential features


  • Multiple clients with the same design
  • Needs an overhaul after a certain scale.
  • Intermediate performance

Opt for this approach if you wish to create a unique user interface and functionalities at a reasonable cost within relatively less time by customization done on existing products.


  1. Finalize customization requirement
  2. Decide the suitable base product
  3. Customization implementation
  4. Functionality testing
  5. Configure the system
  6. System testing
  7. Launch


  • Unique functionalities
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Intermediate timing


  • Limited customization scope
  • Intermediate differentiation
  • Performance impact

Suitable for enterprises Whose objective is to create a unique brand, features, functionalities, and user experience. In Addition, Create a highly differentiating digital brand.


  1. Concept finalization
  2. Finalize scope of work
  3. Layout design
  4. Dynamic development
  5. Functionality testing
  6. User acceptance testing
  7. Configure the system
  8. System testing
  9. Launch


  • Unique branded product
  • Highly scalable
  • Latest tech stack


  • Costs more
  • Time taking
  • Scope of work crystallization

If you already affiliate marketers and need assistance for improving the business automation or add functionalities then you may opt for our consultation service.

Under this service, we help your business and tech team with domain & technical knowledge with the architect, database, and code snippet support.

Our Advantages

Software Development essentially is not only about writing good programs but knowing the industry, business requirements in-depth is equally important. Even more, we develop software that is way more than just a cashback script website.

Our team knows the affiliate industry business from the inside-out. By leveraging the domain knowledge expertise coupled with advanced programming abilities, EnactSoft delivers the best software solutions. After all, the customer-first approach is at the core of the way we work every day!








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