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A global company founded by Affiliate industry specialists to offer coupons, cashback, in-store cashback, crypto cashback, and charity cashback as well as other tools and solutions to internet marketers.


Since 2013, we’ve catered to 320+ clients from 62+ countries.

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Hybrid of Affiliate Industry & Technology Expertise


Design to Deployment Under One Roof


Pro-customer, Reasonable and Supportive DNA

Why choose EnactSoft cashback solutions?


EnactSoft Solutions

The cashback solution development is as per the business flow requirement even if it’s complicated to develop.

Every feature developed by us is what’s essential for the business to be successful.

Every feature developed by us is what’s essential for the business to be successful.

Get the unique way of showing the information, business flow, user experience that differentiates from the masses.

We prefer to write a lot of business logic over manual activity so that you have more time for actual businesses.

We provide business solutions that answer your overall vision and business requirement.

EnactSoft is a subsidiary from the EnactOn™ which is a specialist, affiliate industry solution development company.

EnactOn™ is the company with multiple solutions to help you automate, expand, grow and flourish your affiliate business.


Other Development Agencies

Develop a website, mobile app looking at competitors are mostly cloned their UI and features with shallow functionalities.

The developer-friendly approach without knowing the deep business logic, hence only superficially looks fine.

Most of the features are on the aesthetic side that impresses one the first sight only.

The clone is the base for the development of the coupon script or cashback script and that would never ever help anyone successful.

Simple things are left to the configuration and massive maintenance is required to operate the business.

It’s the source code delivery and that’s all, there is no basic clarity about how the business works.

Most of these companies are web/app development companies selling the code developed for other clients.

No exposure of the overall industry / domain knowledge.


Deep Insights into the Affiliate Industry in Every Solution.

All our premade solutions are designed & developed after extensive global market research for the latest trends in the business and technology world, keeping in mind the preferences of the target audience of our software users. You get value for every penny spent on our business solutions.

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Deliver to Global Customers As per Expectation

We thoroughly understand every client’s requirement, suggest the best suitable options from premade or custom development and deliver the best solution that fits their requirement. We do not SALE but provide solutions.


Want to know more about us?

Our team, composed of passionate and industry-experienced professionals, is eager to support your journey and contribute to your success story.


Our Lifetime Support is Unique.

Why choose us? Free bug fix support up to 3 months and lifetime customization support at a reasonable cost.


We like what someone said!

“Industry Leaders Sets the Precedent, Not Follow’em!”


Core Values

  • Honest
  • Transparent
  • Punctual
  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Open
  • Intuitive

Our Cashback Development Process

Our usual development process is as follows, however, it may vary based on the approach being taken for the specific business requirement.

Request for business proposal

Scope of work finalization

Proposal acceptance & payment



Ongoing support

Launch by client

Feedback implementation

UAT by client

Handover for UAT

Ready for a Great Business Experience?

As an end-to-end technology partner, we offer complete business solutions to affiliate industry customers across the globe. Our ability to transform complex business cases by using cutting-edge technologies into robust solutions has won many hearts across the globe.

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