The best way to configure email settings

Table of Contents

Email Settings:- #

  1. Enter Mail Maler’s name.
    – Note:- The default mail protocol like SMTP, IMAP, pop3
  2. Enter Mail Hostname. Basically mail service provider name.
  3. Enter Mail Port no.
  4. Enter Mail Username.
  5. Enter Mail Password.
  6. Enter Mail Encryption.
    – Note:- It is used to secure the mail.
  7. Enter Mail From Address.
    – Note:- Address to be displayed in email’s sender field.
  8. Enter Mail From Name.
    – Note:- Name to be displayed in email’s sender field.
  9. Enter the Support Email.
    – Note:- Email support is one of the main channels of customer support for most companies. Typically, customers reach out to brands using email if they can find an email address on the brand’s website or via its app, or if the customer has already received an email from the brand that they can simply reply to.