How missing cashback claim works

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Cashback missing claim:-

Cashback missing claim:- #

Visit Admin Panel-> settings->Cashback Settings.

  1. Enter Cashback Missing claim Min Days – Relative to Current day.
    – Note:- After how many days the cashback missing claim can be done.
  2. Enter Cashback Missing claim Max Days – Relative to Current day.
    – Note:- Duration of cashback missing claim that can be done.

 Note:- We have set claim min days:- 3 and claim max days:- 15 in the admin panel, which means that it shows only those stores whose click time matches between the min and max days we’ve set relative to current days.

Now visit User side->User Profile-> Missing Claim.

  1. Select the Store from the drop-down list.
    – Note:- Here that store only comes within the drop-down list which is 3 days from the transaction and a Missing cashback claim is not allowed for transactions older than 15 days.
  2. Select the Shopping Trip from the drop-down list.
    – Note:- When that Transaction would be done i.e. date & time.
  3. Select the Ordering Platform from the drop-down list.
    – Note:- ordering platform maybe a website, IOS, Android.
  4. Enter the Order id.
  5. select the Currency from the drop-down list and enter the Amount.
  6. Enter the Purchase date.
  7. Enter the Additional information if any.

Visit Admin Panel-> Users-> Missing Cb Claims

  • Click on the view button and collect the network id.
  • Now filter by Network id, collect all records by simply right click and export the CSV file.
  • Send the file to that specific Network and now the Network is going to take the action on it.
  • Note:- He can check the network name by network id by visiting Admin panel -> Reports & Logs -> Earning By Networks.
  • When missing cashback claims send to affiliate networks, there can be 2 scenarios

Note:- For both cases, need to have an email conversation with the network and take appropriate action from the admin panel.

  1. If the claim is valid, the network tracks it and adds it to their tracking platform. Once added, it will be pulled automatically on the website via API, and the user will be awarded cashback automatically. For such claims, mark as CLOSED with the remark in the admin comment that the sale is tracked.
  2. If the claim is NOT valid, the network denies tracking it. In this case, update the claim as CLOSED with the remark in the admin comment that the claim is not being tracked by the network and hence the transaction will not be able to track.