How refer and earn works explain in detail

Video explanation #

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How refer and earn works #

There are mainly three types of referral bonus

  1. Referral bonus
    A referral bonus is a reward you receive when someone joins via your link.
  2. Joining via Referral
    The bonus you received when you join via someone referral link.
  3. Joining bonus
    The bonus is received when anyone joins this platform.

These all bonuses are set from the admin panel as mentioned under

Bonus type #

Visit Admin Panel->SALES & CASHBACK->Bonus Type.

  1. Do not change the code for the bonus as it is a key-value considered for various system-generated actions.
  2. Enter the Name of Bonus Type.
    Note:- Bonus type which is given to the users here mainly 3 types of bonus Joining Bonus, Joining via Referral, and Referral Bonus.
  3. Enter the Amount that is Earned.
    Note:- This amount is given to the user as a bonus.
  4. Enter the Qualifying Amount.
    Note:-You need to earn a specific amount i.e. qualifying amount to confirm your pending bonus.
  5. Enter the Validity Days.
    Note:- The number of days within which a qualifying amount must be earned to qualify for a bonus. Generally we are set up this for 90-120 days.
  6. If Enabled is ON it is shown on the front side.

Hint:- Above we have configured for the referral bonus, similarly you can configure for the other two bonuses, i.e. joining via referral and joining bonus.

Referral link #

  1. It is a unique referral link you can copy and share
  2. you can invite the user by entering the email id in text box or via social media.

Referral activities #

  1. List of users who are joined by your referral link
  2. List of users who are invited.

Referral earning #

  • Referral earning is going to be shown above as per the individual users.
  • All the referral earning is going to show here in the referral activities.

Cashback referral settings #

Visit admin panel->settings->setting->cashback settings.

  1. Select Award Referral on the transaction from the drop-down list.
    – Note:- Select Yes/No from the drop-down list that the user is awarded after the referral transaction or not.
  2. Enter Cashback Referral Percent.
    – Note:- Amount that a user will get on referrals. if the user set the referral percentage at the user level then it shows the user level referral percentage on front end