YouTube Affiliate Marketing: 6 Tips to Make Money Online

You all have used YouTube for years and heard about YouTubers who make a lot of money by producing content (Videos) on YouTube. One of the tactics is Affiliate Marketing.

It is hard to believe but people upload 500 hours of Video every minute on YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and has over 2 Billion people logged in per month.

So, Of course, Affiliate marketing on YouTube might be a Win-Win situation for you.

I am going to briefly discuss YouTube Affiliate Marketing, Who can do it, and what are the strategies to get more traffic to uplift your income. Is it worth investing your time in YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s get started.

Those who aren’t familiar with “What is Affiliate marketing?” Let me go through it real quick.

“Affiliate Marketing” is the process of promoting your Affiliate links through different platforms (blog website, social media, etc.), and if someone purchases through that link, You will get a commission for promoting a particular product or service.

Let’s find out What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?


What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing? #

Usually, YouTubers make revenue from Adsense. You must have noticed those ads appear when you play videos. But what about income with Affiliate marketing?

YouTube Affiliate marketing is the process of making videos and putting Affiliate links to products related to video content. Keep in mind that Affiliate links are relevant to the products or niche of video content.

Videos may be unboxing of newly launched products, Reviews of products, tutorials, courses, or trendy niche Cashback Coupon offers, tricks, deals, and offers related videos.

The goal is to influence people through videos to click on the Affiliate links and buy the products.

It is as simple as bloggers writing content on their websites about product reviews, putting Amazon Affiliate links, and making people click on them to buy that product.

The ultimate goal is to drive people to the Affiliate landing page.

Below is the Flow of How YouTube Affiliate Marketing Works. 

Who can do/start affiliate marketing on YouTube? #

The answer is “Anyone”.

Yes, Anyone who is passionate about making affiliate income, and ready to put effort and hard work can start Affiliate Marketing on YouTube.

It is very easy to get started. Once you are done with the making of the video, you can sign up for the affiliate program and put links either in the description or in the video as annotations.

Cashback, deals, tricks, and offers related to videos are booming on YouTube and are the easiest niche to get more organic traffic on videos. You can opt for InstaBACK- Light Cashback System which allows you to Promote CPA, CPL, CPI, etc. campaigns and award instant cashback to your users.

The best thing about the InstaBACK system apart from its features is its low cost. For young Entrepreneurs who are new to affiliate marketing or willing to dive into the affiliate industry with a limited budget and low-tech complexity then it is a perfect choice.

InstaBACK is specifically made for YouTubers but its versatility allows any Affiliate marketer, Blogger, or Social Media Marketer to promote their affiliate campaigns and make passive income sources while sleeping. Moreover, This system is highly customizable (No coding knowledge is required).

What type of videos can you make to start earning from YouTube? #

There are a number of types and options available to start making YouTube Videos.

  • Product Review Videos
  • How-To Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Gaming Videos
  • Comedy/Skit Videos
  • Haul Videos
  • Tag or Challenge Videos
  • Favorites/Best Of Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Unboxing Videos

Not all videos provide you with an opportunity to promote your Affiliate links. For example, Comedy videos, Challenges videos, etc. are not good picks to share your Affiliate links.

Product reviews, gaming, Educational or course videos, Cashback, tricks, deals, and offers are good niches to pick where Affiliate links work the most.

Product reviews provide you an opportunity to promote Amazon products, Flipkart products, or any other E-commerce products.

Gaming software or gadget videos are another best niche to start with. If you’re a good gamer, gaming remotes or gadgets can be a win-win for you.

Let’s talk about the trendy niche on YouTube which is cashback, coupons, tricks, deals, and offers-related videos. This niche is getting so much attention from people on YouTube. People get thousands of views in just one day. Why is that?

Well, such cashback, coupons and tricks, and loot types of videos have time limitations. People always love to get free cashback, vouchers, and deals during their online shopping.

If your affiliate links work properly and provide cashback to customers then word of mouth is the thing that will help you the most to get more traffic.

There are so many young YouTubers I have seen who are promoting their cashback, coupon, loot, and deals campaigns with InstaBACK, and earning thousands of $ per month.

It is comparatively easy to get started with this niche.

Where to get affiliate links to promote YouTube videos? #

You will get an affiliate link for your campaign after you sign up for an affiliate program.

There are lots of Affiliate networks available that help you promote your affiliate campaigns. They have the expertise to promote different types of niches and products.

It is up to you which affiliate program you should opt for. Some networks are good at promoting e-commerce or physical products and some are good at promoting intangible products. Still, confused? Here is a quick guide about the best affiliate networks and platforms in 2024.

In addition, These Affiliate networks will help merchants track the people who clicked your link and you can provide cashback.

How does affiliate marketing payment work? #

An important thing about Affiliate marketers is how to track the people who click on affiliate links. How will I get my commission or payment? Let’s discuss it.

Once the customer clicks on the Affiliate link, they will be redirected to an Affiliate landing page. The affiliate network will capture all the details. For instance, click ID, user, IP address, click time, item purchased, etc.

A cookie gets stored on the customer’s browser. So, Even if customers click on the affiliate link and don’t purchase that particular item and later purchase the whole bunch of different things, then you will get a commission for that too.

If you’re promoting Cashback, Coupon, tricks, deals campaigns, and want to give extra cashback to your customers then API will help you track back all the data after the order is placed. You can keep a share of the commission earned and allot the cashback to corresponding users. 

Tips for marketing on YouTube (convert viewers into customers) #

There are lots of factors that will help you boost your YouTube videos.

The most important thing is of course “content” of your Video.

If you have no experience in creating and publishing YouTube Videos, Your first video might not work well.

Here are some pro tips for creating great content on YouTube and publishing in a way to reach your Affiliate goals.

1. Make relevant videos to products you promoting #

No point in making a Video of the latest Mobile phone reviews if you’re trying to sell a hair trimmer.

The people who are watching your video are interested in the latest Mobile phones so if you put Affiliate links of Mobile phones in the description there is a high chance of getting conversion through that links rather than hair trimmer.

2. Quality footage #

You should be uploading your videos in at least 720HD resolution which is the Minimum Youtube video resolution for HD. Even though the maximum YouTube video resolution for HD is 1080 HD. know more about dimensions and quality here.

All the graphics or charts or any other short clips that are used in the video must be crystal clear and attractive.

If you’re promoting Cashback, Coupon, Deals, and Tricks campaigns then you can show the live demo by recording the screen of your device. It relates more to customers and builds trust. Also, Don’t forget to remove unnecessary background music.

3. Tantalizing the head title & professional description #

Your head title needs to be catchy and should be able to understand what the video is about. The title should make people click on the video.

The description of the Video must be clear, straightforward, and professional. You can write a short summary of your video as well.

Your affiliate must be highlighted in the description. Proper formatting and space can attract people to directly click on the Affiliate link. That’s our main goal.

Must provide your contact details and email ID in the description. In case of any query or information, the Viewer must be able to contact you directly

4. Proper tags #

Before you upload a video, there is an opportunity to add keyword tags to the video. These keywords will help you rank your videos in search engines. You should do some research for tags and put them appropriately to get organic traffic.

These tags play a vital role in getting more views. As higher your videos rank, the more likely people are to watch them, and that increases the chance of people clicking on your affiliate links.

5. Social media presence #

Share your Videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, etc. You can get more boosts from social platforms and can also cause your followers to share them too.

People spend a lot of time on social media and it’s a great opportunity to drive more sales.

Cashback, coupon, and tricks campaigns are performing so well on Telegram.

6. Consistently upload #

Practice will help you produce great content. Also, The YouTube algorithm favors channels that consistently put out content. 

Your subscribers will often check their subscription boxes for new videos. So, Having regularly uploaded content helps keep your customers on board with your brand.

If you’re promoting, Cashback-related campaigns then you probably have to upload twice or thrice a week because these offers last for a limited period but have good potential. So, it is good to keep uploading videos and engage more with your videos.

Pros of YouTube Affiliate Marketing #

✔️ Gigantic Audience: Millions of people watch hours of videos every day on YouTube. YouTube is growing every day. There is a huge potential to get a lot of traffic. You won’t find any industry or area that doesn’t have a massive audience.

✔️ Lower competition: YouTube is less competitive compared to the web. There are many niches that have huge competition like travel, Beauty, gaming, etc. but have vast opportunities to stand out in the competition. Also, trending niches are always lucrative for Affiliate businesses. There are still other different areas that don’t have quality content, unlike the web which you can opt for like software, cashback, deals, tricks, website tools, courses, etc. 

✔️ Loyal Audience: The people who are interested in your videos can subscribe to the channels and they will get notified the next time you upload new videos. This way promotion is easy to compare to the web. Plus these are relevant audiences so you can focus more on getting a new similar audience.

✔️ Easy to get traffic: YouTube search engine is easy to get rankings to compare to the web plus efforts are less. If you have your own website you need to keep maintaining your web pages, improving the performance of the website, focusing on keywords, etc. but on YouTube, once your quality video is uploaded you most probably don’t need to keep updating (depending on the niche).  Also, people prefer Visual graphics more than text. Also, the “Subscribe” feature is more likely to secure an audience.

✔️ Vast Area to pick a niche: Unlike adult content, There is pretty much freedom to pick any niche or area. The question is more about what knowledge you have or what you are passionate about. other than the trending niche is the best to start.

Cons of YouTube Affiliate Marketing #

Creating Content: Making videos majorly includes, putting content, Audio, Graphics, and editing. Other than that Videos should be attractive, and understanding, and making people satisfy their needs is the biggest challenge or they won’t come to your channel again. Also, These things are a bit time-consuming unless you make a practice of it.

Restriction of linking: YouTube’s primary approach is to make people more and more spend time on videos. So, if anyone drives their traffic to another website through links and spam them it violates YouTube’s spam policy. This is not a problem if you have quality content and relevant non-spammy links in the description.

Easy niche challenges: As you have vast opportunities to pick a niche, you have some challenges to stand out in accessible niches as well where people publish a lot of videos every day. Why the term is “easy niche”? because the content creation is a bit easy for such a topic as “How to make noodles in 5 minutes?” You have to put in some extra effort to stand out in the competition.

Conclusion #

I hope above all explanations and answers to the most asked question about YouTube affiliate marketing clear your every doubt.

“YouTube is the Future.“

One pro tip I want to give is to Be specific with your niche and focus on content.

Content is everything. The only that can’t be compromised is content.

Be honest, productive, and hard-working. Don’t make people think you’re selling them. Make them feel you’re bringing them values and solving their problems. If these all boxes have a green tick mark, It is definitely worth investing your time in YouTube Affiliate marketing.