Outlet creation flow

Table of Contents

Create Retailer #

Firstly create the retailer.
visit Admin panel->company->create company a/c.

  1. Enter the Retailer’s name.
  2. Enter the email address and click on the submit button.

By clicking on submit button it would redirect to the next page as mentioned below

  1. Enter the name.
  2. Here slug is available.
  3. Choose Logo by clicking on the Choose file button
    Note:- Logo size should be 360(W)x200(H) PX
  4. Here Categories are selected from the drop-down list.

Now one mail is received on your account (which you enter at the creation time).

  1. Go to that URL this screen will appear https://prnt.sc/nUYiiqRg6pOp
  2. Enter the user name and password.

Now you are Login into the seller panel.

  • Click on the “create outlet ” label to create the outlet.
  • Fill the form properly and lastly create on submit button now your outlet is created.

Watch the recording here

Now Retailer can send the outlet to review and the admin can examine that outlet and change its status.

  • you can go to the outlet preview mode and click on the “send to review” button.