Introducing InstaBACK – An Instant Cashback System For YouTube Affiliate Marketers

If you’re a YouTuber offering the best deals, coupons, tricks, shopping deals, and cashback from online shopping portals, and managing to earn a limited commission, here are the real business solution to convert your viewers into a loyal audience and create a stable income source.

Many YouTube Affiliate Marketers are demonetized by YouTube due to one or another reason and rely on the earnings generated from their viewers. In such cases, it’s more important to create a stable income stream that helps with feasibility.

YouTuber Affiliate Marketing Tools #

EnactSoft offers the end-to-end business solutions InstaBACK for all types and sizes of YouTubers. Because of that, It helps Youtubers to retain their audience and improve the conversion and overall business very professional way. Thus, creating a stable income consistently.

As a YouTuber, your focus is on your channel, subscribers, and the fact to create an income source.

But the core focus should not be shifted precisely for this reason. We’ve very custom-made solutions to help you get the most from business through maximum automation and robust programming using cutting-edge technology.

After having a dozen of YouTubers as satisfied solution users, we’ve learned great insights about how it works and the expectation.

Becomes a YouTube Affiliate Marketer Easily #

YouTuber Affiliate Solution – 1: Promo Offers Landing Pages #


Create a dedicated landing page for various limited-time offers on a website and ask users to enter their mobile numbers. Also, proceed with the transaction.

The affiliate network/merchant tracks the successful transaction and creates a report with the user’s mobile number. Use the report generated by the network and reward your users so that they are loyal to your portal more often.

Check out the Video of the Cashback system/website for YouTubers and how it works.

YouTubers can create a stable income with affiliate marketing #

This solution is very lightweight, easy to manage, and scalable, but still calls for some manual efforts. However, you may opt for various add-ons to automate the flows, tracking, and payout to create a unique business out of it.

In addition, there are lots of features so you can target these users back via sending promotional offers as an SMS. In addition, you can ask them to join your WhatsApp / Telegram channel. Hence, every time there’s an offer, you can easily reach out to them.

YouTuber Affiliate Solution – 2: A full-fledged coupon cashback system #


For a professional affiliate YouTuber, it is important to match their reputation among their audience. Likewise, to offer a high-level user experience at par with industry leaders.

Therefore, our robust cashback solutions fit in the best. Our CashbackOS – WordPress-Based Coupon Cashback Solution and Laraback – growing suitable businesses for cashback websites, mobile apps, the browser extension. Likewise, cashback cms ( content management system ) is a great candidate to consider for your business setup.

YouTuber Affiliate Solution – 3: Custom-made / tailored solutions #

Custom-made_tailored-solutions (1)

If you’re a YouTuber with a unique way of brand promotion and influencer marketing then you can opt for the custom solution that fits your tailored need.

Our industry domain expertise coupled with state-of-art technology infrastructure creates a unique value proposition. These solutions will surely help you gain more new users on your subscriber list. Also, retain existing users and make them all loyal.

Contact us for more information on the YouTuber-specific solution and check the quote for our services instantly.