High Paying Cashback Websites & Apps in the UK

Intro #

What would you do with an extra $1,000 a year? And you don’t have to make any extra effort to earn that.

Wouldn’t you like to earn some free cash? That’s exactly what cashback websites are about! Cashback websites have become increasingly popular in the UK in the last decade. In 2023 alone, the UK saw over $20 billion in transactions on cashback platforms.

There are a number of high paying cashback websites available in the market that can help you earn cashback on your purchases both online and offline. 

Here, we have listed the top 9 cashback websites in the UK that are leading the way.

What is a cashback website? #

A cashback website is an online platform that rewards users for shopping online with cashback. Users can earn cashback on a wide range of products and services, including clothing, electronics, travel, and more. 

The cashback that the website pays is usually a part of the commission that the cashback website earns for referring customers to retailers’ sites. 

Users can either withdraw this cashback or use it on a platform to shop online or buy gift cards. Along with the cashback, these sites often offer exclusive coupons to help customers save extra on their purchases.

How to maximize your earnings on cashback websites? #

Shopping online isn’t the only way you earn cashback. There are many other ways to maximize your earning

Refer your friend: Most cashback websites will pay you either a flat fee for referring friends or part of the commission. Use this opportunity to earn some extra cash when your friends and family shop online.

Complete surveys: Brands often come to cashback websites for collecting feedback and reviews for their newly launched products. You can share a review or fill in the survey form to get rewarded.

Buy gift cards: You will find many platforms that pay extra cashback when you buy a brand gift card instead of withdrawing cash into your account. So, instead of withdrawing cashback into your account, buy gift cards when you shop online.

Make big purchases: You won’t earn more cashback on groceries since these are not big-ticket purchases. You can earn more by using cashback sites that offer cashback on travel, booking, home furniture, and other high value options.

Leading Cashback websites in the UK #

1. Quidco #

With 10 million users and £500 million paid in cashback, Quidco is the leading cashback website in the UK. It has more than 4,500 partner retailers, and an average user earns £300 in cashback.

Earning cashback with Quidco is very simple. You can earn cashback for shopping everywhere, whether online or offline. If you are shopping offline, there is a feature called ClickSnap. You can upload a photo of your receipt or invoice after shopping and earn extra cashback.

If you are shopping online, they have an app from which you can make a purchase, and they also have a browser extension that will show you the cashback you can earn when you visit a specific retailer’s website. Apart from shopping, you can also earn a flat £30 for referring your friends to your platform.

These are the features of a basic membership. They also have a premium membership, where £1 of your earnings is retained every month, you can earn up to 20% bonus cashback, and there are no ads on platforms.

2. TopCashback #

With 5,000 retailers on its platform, TopCashback is the second biggest cashback platform in the UK. Users have spent over £1 billion on TopCashback, which shows the scale at which it operates. In terms of features, it is very similar to Quidco.

You get paid for shopping online and offline and for referring friends. You can earn cashback by uploading a receipt photo on their app, Snap&Save. They also have a browser extension that lets you see the amount of cashback you can earn on retailer sites.

It also rewards you £30 for referring your friends to the platform.

You can withdraw these earnings in cash to your card/account or buy a gift card from their platform itself.

It has two membership tiers: Classic & Plus.

Classic is free and offers basic features. For Plus, you pay $5 every month, and you get additional benefits like higher cashback, more referring fees, no ads, and exclusive promotions and deals. 

3. JamDoughnut #

JamDoughnut is different from the regular cashback platform. In a normal cashback website, you will buy through a link or button on the site, but on JamDoughnut, you get cashback for purchasing gift cards.

What you have to do is go to the retailer site, add products to the cart, check the total amount, and then go to JamDoughnut to purchase a gift card. You will earn cashback for purchasing these gift cards.

Cashback is credited into points, where 100 points + $1. You can withdraw it directly into your bank account once you have earned 1000 points or $10.

It sounds like a lengthy process, right?

But it has a unique value proposition. There are a few brand gift cards that you will only find in JamDoughnut. It helps JamDoughnut attract users who won’t be earning cashback anywhere else. 

So simply sign up on JamDoughnut. It’s free; you can use it whenever you aren’t getting any cashback anywhere else.

4. KidStart #

KidStart Cashback website

KidStart, the name itself makes it clear that it is built for shopping for kids. With 2,300 retailers to choose from, parents get a variety of options to buy things for their kids.

It works similarly like other cashback platforms, go to KidStart, click on the link and make a purchase to earn cashback. 

But there is a twist when you earn CashBack. It gets credited to your KidStart account, and then you can transfer it to your Child’s junior account.

One good thing here is if anyone else(friends, family members) is shopping for your kid, they can also transfer the cashback to your kid’s account(if they have details available).

5. Airtime Rewards #

With 2.3 million users, Airtime Rewards is also a leading cashback platform in the UK. However, unlike the regular cashback platform, it works on a different cashback model.

Once you download the Airtime rewards app, you will have to link your debit or credit card with it. When you shop using a linked card, AirTime will automatically track your spending on partner retailers both online and offline. 

You will earn cashback for every spend on Airtime, and then you can use it to pay your phone bills using those rewards. It has to be a minimum of £20 to be eligible to use cashback to pay your bill.

6. LoyalBe #

LoyalBe Cashback App

LoyalBe is another cashback platform in the UK, similar to Airtime rewards. You link a card, and then you get cashback for spending on partner merchants in your LoyalBe Wallet.

The only difference in LoyalBe is that you have the option to buy gift cards for shopping at your favorite brands. You don’t earn real cash here; you earn LoyalCoins, which you can use to buy gift cards.

It gives you more flexibility in how you choose to spend your rewards. Although there aren’t many retailers available on LoyalBe, it’s always better to register on the platform and start using it to earn extra cashback wherever you can.

7. Accelerate my mortgage #

Accelerate My Mortgage was launched with the aim of helping people pay off their mortgages. It works similarly like other cashback platforms. 

You shop online through a link and earn cashback for doing so. The only difference is that you don’t get to withdraw your earnings into your bank account. The cashback is directly paid to your mortgage lender. 

These payments are over and above the existing mortgage payments, which means that you can pay off your mortgage early. Since you are paying mortgages above your installments, you save a good sum of money on interest in the long run.

8. Shopmium #

Shopmium is an amazing cashback website for earning cashback on Supermarket Shopping. It works a bit differently than most cashback websites. 

Here, you earn cashback not on stores but on specific products. They also have an option to earn cashback in some stores, but they are most focused on providing cashback for specific products available in supermarkets. 

You can earn cashback by uploading a receipt from your shopping. The offers vary, ranging from a percentage discount on specific products to products offered for free.

These deals keep changing, so Shopmium gets higher conversion rates for daily-use products. Users are more likely to make a purchase knowing that the deal is limited time only and is available at a good price along with the cashback.

You get this cash back directly into your card or bank account.

9. OhMyDosh #

OhMyDosh is also one of the popular UK cashback platforms. The key difference between OhMyDosh and other platforms is it pays you for completing specific tasks like taking a free trial, completing a survey, joining competitions and more. 

They also have a Daily Dash feature which lets you earn £10m cashback daily for completing certain tasks. This feature helps them engage users on a daily basis and help them earn more by completing daily tasks.

You can withdraw this cashback when you have a minimum of £10 directly to your bank account.

Conclusion #

UK’s cashback website landscape is changing with changing market trends and consumer demands. You can save a lot of money while shopping online and use the cashback to save money on shopping, gift cards, mortgages and mobile phone bills.

As we look ahead, more and more cashback websites are entering the market with unique ways to save money. Don’t stay behind, compete head to head with the competition with your own cashback platform.

How can businesses build similar cashback websites in the UK? #

Developing a cashback website requires a deep understanding of the industry and an effective approach that can help you go live within a few days.

At EnactSoft, we have 10+ years of experience developing cashback websites. We bring the experience to the table. We can help you avoid mistakes that platforms make and develop a cashback website that are dynamic and scalable based on changing market trends. 

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