Admitad Affiliate Network Review: Maximizing Business Growth with Admitad

The affiliate marketing industry has evolved into a significant component of digital marketing, with profound growth and diversification over recent years.

Approximately 84% of publishers and 81% of advertisers incorporate affiliate marketing into their overall marketing strategy, highlighting its critical role in digital marketing campaigns.

The industry thrives on a diverse niche, including Education/E-Learning, Travel, and Beauty/Skincare, demonstrating its capacity to cater to varied consumer interests and demographics.

Admitad Affiliate Network stands out in this evolving landscape as a one-stop solution for advertisers, agencies, and publishers, offering a comprehensive platform to harness the full potential of affiliate marketing.

In this article, we will dive deep into What Admitad affiliate is, its unique selling points, commission structure, ways of earning, and everything else you need to know about Admitad. This will be full detailed review of Admitad based on our personal findings.

👉 Understanding Admitad #

What is Admitad? #

Founded in 2009 by Alexander Bachmann, Admitad is a global affiliate marketing platform headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany. It plays a pivotal role in the affiliate marketing landscape by connecting advertisers and publishers and facilitating the promotion of products and services through affiliate links.

Currently used by 62,805 websites, Admitad leverages technology to optimize marketing strategies and maximize earnings for both advertisers and publishers, making it a significant player in the digital marketing ecosystem.

There are many active affiliate marketing platforms available today, so what makes Admitad different?

👉 Unique Selling Points #

  1. Weekly and Instant Payments

Admitad sets itself apart with its weekly payment system, diverging from the monthly schedules of most affiliate networks. You can also request payment instantly into your account. This approach, combined with a variety of payment options, ensures easy, quick, and hassle-free transactions. Admitad’s proactive payment policy ensures publishers receive timely and secure payments, regardless of the advertisers’ balance status, enhancing reliability and trust in the platform.

  1. Cross-Platform and Cross-Device Tracking

Admitad offers advanced tracking capabilities that enable seamless campaign performance monitoring across different platforms and devices. This feature allows advertisers and publishers to optimize their campaigns with precise data, leading to improved engagement and conversion rates. The ability to track user interactions comprehensively supports more effective marketing strategies and decision-making.

Admitad Affiliate Network
  1. Protection against Traffic Fraud

Admitad combats traffic fraud by employing advanced technology, expert teams, and stringent processes to protect advertisers from fraudulent activities. Traffic fraud involves malicious interactions with ads, often to deplete advertiser budgets, and can be executed through botnets or repeated clicks.

Admitad’s automated service monitors for anomalies, identifies threats, and isolates fraudulent traffic to prevent harm to advertisers’ budgets. Through active monitoring, filtering, and threat management, Admitad ensures advertising investments are preserved for genuine interactions, maintaining the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem.

  1. Admitad Affiliate Academy

Admitad affiliate Academy is a unique educational initiative aimed at upskilling affiliates, advertisers, and marketers. Through webinars, courses, and a wealth of free resources, Admitad affiliate Academy provides valuable insights into affiliate marketing strategies, trends, and best practices. This educational platform fosters a knowledgeable community, empowering users to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts and achieve better results.


  1. Comprehensive Support and Infrastructure for Startups

Admitad not only operates as an affiliate network but also actively invests and supports promising affiliate-related projects and startups through initiatives like Admitad Invest and Admitad Projects startup studio.

This holistic approach helps in nurturing and growing the affiliate marketing ecosystem by providing funding and support to projects like LetyShops cashback provider and RevGlue platform, among others​.

Adding to these unique selling points, Admitad offers competitive commission rates, further incentivizing publishers and affiliates to join and thrive within its network. Lets take a look at its commission structure.

👉 What is the commission Rate in Admitad?  #

Admitad offers a dynamic and flexible commission structure designed to cater to various affiliate programs, considering several important factors to optimize earnings for publishers. Here’s an overview of how Admitad affiliate structures its commission offerings:

Traffic Sources and Regions

The platform acknowledges the importance of matching traffic sources and target regions with appropriate affiliate programs. Publishers are advised to select programs that align with their traffic sources and the geographic location of their audience to ensure the actions are rewarded.

Program Topic/Category

Affiliate programs are categorized by topics or industries. Publishers should choose programs related to their content or area of expertise for better alignment with their audience’s interests, potentially increasing conversion rates.

Advertisers’ Brands, Sites, and Products

Consideration of the advertiser’s brand recognition, site usability, product quality, and pricing is crucial. Well-known brands and user-friendly websites tends to give higher conversion rates and, commissions.

Target Action Types

Admitad distinguishes between sales and leads as target actions, with specific programs focusing on one or the other. For newcomers, programs based on leads might be more accessible as they generally do not involve direct purchases, potentially making initial successes more achievable.

Program Metrics

Key program metrics provided by Admitad include the commission rate, conversion rate (CR), confirmation rate, and program rating. These metrics help publishers evaluate the potential profitability of joining a specific program. High conversion and confirmation rates indicate a higher likelihood of successful affiliations.

  • Commission Rate: This is a critical factor directly impacting earnings. While a higher commission rate is attractive, it’s essential to consider it alongside other program metrics.
  • Conversion Rate (CR): Programs with higher conversion rates suggest that users are more likely to complete target actions after following affiliate links, which could lead to higher earnings for publishers.
  • Confirmation Rate: This rate indicates the percentage of completed actions the advertiser confirms for payment. A higher confirmation rate means more of the publisher’s efforts are rewarded.
  • Program Rating: Reflects the program’s reliability and popularity among publishers. A higher rating usually indicates a well-regarded program.
  • Program Type: Admitad categorizes its programs into three types: Managed by Admitad, Managed by Advertisers, and Third-Party Advertisers. Each type offers different tools, flexibility, and nuances in operation. For newcomers, Admitad suggests starting with programs managed by Admitad due to the comprehensive support and tools available.

Admitad’s commission structure is designed to accommodate a wide range of affiliate marketing activities, prioritizing flexibility and support for publishers to maximize their earnings. 

The platform encourages publishers to carefully select programs that align with their traffic sources, content themes, and audience interests, leveraging the comprehensive metrics and tools Admitad provides to make informed decisions.

👉 What are the main ways of earning in Admitad? #

Admitad offers multiple avenues for earning, catering to publishers, advertisers, and agencies. Here are the main ways to generate income through the Admitad platform:

Affiliate Commissions

The core of Admitad’s model is affiliate marketing, where publishers (affiliates) earn commissions by promoting products or services. Commissions are earned through affiliate links that track sales or actions (like sign-ups or form submissions) attributed to the publisher’s marketing efforts.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Campaigns Admitad supports CPA campaigns, where publishers are paid for specific actions completed by referred users, such as making a purchase, signing up for a trial, or filling out a form. The payment is not just for clicks but for actions that have real value for advertisers.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Some programs within Admitad allow publishers to earn money based on the number of clicks generated through their links, offering a way to monetize traffic without requiring actions or sales.

Referral Program

Admitad typically offers a referral program where existing users can earn by referring new publishers or advertisers to the platform. This bonus is a percentage of the earnings or spendings of the referred users.

Bonuses and Special Offers

Admitad often runs special offers, bonuses, and contests for its users. These can provide additional earnings or rewards for achieving certain milestones, participating in promotions, or excelling in specific campaigns.

Admitad Store

For publishers, Admitad Store offers a way to monetize by selling promotional codes and deals. Publishers can earn commissions by providing their audience with discounts and special offers.

Admitad Invest

For startups and tech companies, Admitad offers investment opportunities through its venture capital arm, Admitad Invest. While not a direct earning method for most affiliates, it’s a significant part of the Admitad ecosystem, supporting growth in the affiliate marketing industry.

Each of these methods is designed to cater to the different needs and capabilities of Admitad’s users, making it a versatile platform for earning through digital and affiliate marketing.

👉 Admitad Product Category Details #

Admitad offers a wide range of product categories within its affiliate network, catering to diverse interests and market demands. Here are some examples of it-

  1. Fashion and Accessories: This category includes clothing, footwear, jewelry, and fashion accessories. It’s one of the most popular sectors in affiliate marketing, appealing to a wide audience.
  2. Electronics and Household Appliances: Featuring consumer electronics, gadgets, home appliances, and tech accessories. This sector caters to tech enthusiasts and households looking for the latest devices.
  3. Beauty and Health: Comprising skincare, makeup, health supplements, and wellness products. It’s a rapidly growing niche with a dedicated consumer base.
  4. Sports and Leisure: This category covers sports equipment, outdoor gear, fitness products, and hobbies. It appeals to individuals interested in active lifestyles and outdoor activities.
  5. Home and Garden: Including furniture, home decor, gardening tools, and home improvement products. It targets homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.
  6. Children’s Products: Offering toys, children’s clothing, baby care products, and educational materials. This category focuses on parents, schools, and educational institutions.
  7. Travel and Tourism: Encompassing travel bookings, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and related services. It’s ideal for travel bloggers and influencers.
  8. Food and Delivery Services: This includes food delivery, grocery delivery services, and gourmet food products. It’s a growing niche, especially in urban areas.
  9. Books and Education: Covering educational materials, online courses, e-books, and physical books. It caters to students, educators, and lifelong learners.
  10. Finance and Insurance: Featuring financial services, insurance products, loans, and investment opportunities. It targets individuals interested in personal finance management.
  11. Software and Games: Including software, apps, video games, and digital services. It appeals to tech-savvy individuals and gamers.
  12. Pet Supplies: Offering products for pets, such as food, toys, grooming products, and health care items. It targets pet owners.
  13. Automotive Products: This category includes car accessories, parts, and related automotive products. It’s designed for car enthusiasts and vehicle owners.

👉 Pros and Cons of Admitad #

Pros of Admitad #

  • Global Reach: Admitad offers a wide network of advertisers and publishers worldwide, providing vast opportunities for users to engage with international markets and diverse affiliate programs.
  • Variety of Programs: The platform hosts a broad array of affiliate programs across different categories, allowing publishers to find offers that align closely with their niche and audience interests.
  • Advanced Technology: Admitad utilizes cutting-edge technology for tracking, analytics, and optimization, ensuring accurate tracking of clicks, conversions, and commission calculations.
  • Support and Resources: Publishers and advertisers have access to extensive support through dedicated account managers, educational materials, and Admitad Academy, facilitating both newcomers and experienced users to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Flexible Commission Structures: The platform offers a variety of commission types, including CPA, CPL, and revenue sharing, catering to different types of affiliate marketing strategies.

Cons of Admitad #

  • Complexity for Beginners: Despite providing resources for education and support, the wide array of tools and options available on Admitad can be overwhelming for beginners in affiliate marketing.
  • Program Moderation: The manual moderation process for some affiliate programs can delay the start time for publishers, potentially slowing down the momentum for new campaigns.
  • Variable Commission Rates: Commission rates can vary significantly between programs, which might require more research and strategy to identify the most lucrative opportunities.
  • Payment Thresholds and Terms: Some users may find the payment thresholds or payout terms less favorable, particularly those who are starting out and have lower volumes of traffic or conversions.
  • Market Saturation: With the platform’s popularity, some affiliates might find it challenging to compete in highly saturated niches or with popular brands, requiring more innovative strategies to stand out.

👉 How to become a publisher on Admitad? #

Becoming a publisher on Admitad involves a straightforward registration process followed by setting up your account to start promoting products and earning commissions. Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a publisher with Admitad:

  1. Visit the Admitad Website
  1. Go here and you will see 3 options to select from
  1. Select the third option “For creators, influencers and publishers”, 
  1. Now fill in the details and complete your profile and you are set
  1. Browse and Apply to Programs
  1. Generate Affiliate Links
  1. Start sharing your links and start earning

Key benefits for publishers #

  • Admitad offers diverse, high-quality ads and rewards through Admitad partnership management platform with top organizations.
  • Features weekly payments in various modes, ensuring quick and hassle-free transactions for publishers.
  • Creates a collaborative space for advertisers and publishers, with strategy meetings for marketing optimization.
  • Educates on discerning reliable ads from spam, enhancing transparency and user knowledge.

Here are some Admitad reviews from publishers/affiliates that will give you a better idea of Admitad

Anny Walker: “Positive experience with timely support and useful tools for publishers. Offers a wide range of brands and order tracking. Instant same-day payouts for a fee provide quick reinvestment options.”

Natalia: “I like their interface, it’s simple in use. I like their support, – it’s very efficient. And, I like the conversion rates I get there every week.”

👉 How to register as an advertiser on Admitad? #

Creating an advertiser account is quite a lengthy process, please follow the steps below to launch your affiliate program with Admitad as an advertiser, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Registration Page: Access the sign-up page by visiting
  1. Enter Your Details: You’ll need to provide some initial information:
  • Email: Input the email address you wish to link with your Admitad account.
  • Password: Choose a strong password for account security.
  • Password Confirmation: Re-enter your password to confirm.
  • Agree to Privacy Policy: Tick the box to acknowledge that you’ve read and agreed to the Admitad Privacy
  • Policy: This step is mandatory.
  1. Verify your email: After clicking “Next,” check your email for a message from Admitad. This email contains a confirmation link. Click on it to proceed.
  1. Complete Your Profile: A new form will appear, asking for more detailed information:
  • Full Name: Enter your legal full name.
  • Company Website: Provide the URL of your company’s website.
  • Category: Choose the category best representing your company’s area of operation.
  • Country of Company Registration: Select the country where your company is officially registered.
  • Phone Number: Add a contact phone number.
  1. Final Consent:

If your company is outside Russia or CIS countries, tick the box to accept Admitad’s offer and agree to the processing of your personal data. This eliminates the need for a physical agreement, though you have the option to sign one if desired.

For companies in Russia or CIS countries, the checkbox is to consent to personal data processing. These companies must also enter into an agreement with Admitad.

  1. Complete Registration: Click the “Sign up” button to finalize your registration.

After completing these steps, you are successfully registered as an advertiser on Admitad. An Admitad manager will reach out within three business days to discuss the next steps in launching your affiliate program.

  • Admitad fosters global reach and opportunities with easy sign-up.
  • It offers choice in partnership and traffic sources for advertisers.
  • Personalized sessions enhance discussions and terms clarity.
  • Client satisfaction is central through committed service.
  • Advertisers have control over partner network and traffic source selection

Here are some Admitad reviews from advertisers that will give you a better idea of Admitad

G2 reviewer: “Good stuff: easy onboarding, fast reacting support team, price competitve. At the end in 2 month we received a good amount of quality traffic for our newly opened online store (electronics)”

G2 Verified user: “Admitad excels in providing quality traffic for brand marketing, with a user-friendly interface for easy campaign management and real-time tracking. It supports cross-platform and device tracking, aiding in campaign optimization. Ideal for SMBs looking to scale up through mobile advertising.”

Key Metrics:

  • 30K+ Advertisers
  • 100K+ publishers/affiliates
  • Active companies include Focus, Burda Media, Lenovo, Adobe, Radisson, Nike, adidas and many more.
  • 500M+ monthly customers reached worldwide
  • 100M+ generated leads and transactions annually

👉 Is Admitad a legit or scam affiliate platform? #

Admitad appears to be a legitimate affiliate marketing platform, based on various sources:

Scam Detector awards Admitad a perfect score of 100 out of 100, highlighting its legitimacy and providing reasons for its high rating, including its efforts to block fraudulent websites​​.

Scamadviser gives an average to good trust score, suggesting it is very likely not a scam but a legit and reliable platform. The Admitad review mentions Admitad’s sophisticated tracking and analytics tools to monitor traffic and user engagement, aiming to identify and prevent fraudulent activities​​.

Positive Admitad reviews from users on platforms like Sitejabber and Affpaying discuss the attractive set of tools Admitad offers for avoiding pitfalls in CPA marketing, real-time progress tracking through a special app, and an overall good experience with the platform​​​​. notes that Admitad is safe to work with, emphasizing the company’s legitimacy, its automated monitoring system to detect traffic fraud, and the many positive customer reviews on major review sites​

Looking at these Admitad reviews, it is safe to say that Admitad is a legit affiliate marketing platform.

Conclusion #

In conclusion, affiliate marketing serves as a dynamic bridge between brands seeking organic promotion and content creators looking to monetize their influence. Admitad enhances this bridge by offering a vast network of merchants, streamlined affiliate link management, and stringent safeguards against traffic fraud. This makes it an attractive option for influencers and advertisers alike, eager to tap into the vast potential of affiliate marketing. With Admitad, participants can navigate the affiliate marketing landscape with ease and confidence, promising a rewarding journey for all involved.

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FAQ’s #

  1. Can influencers use Admitad?

Yes, influencers can utilize Admitad to monetize their platforms by promoting products and earning commissions through affiliate marketing.

  1. Is Admitad legit?

Yes, Admitad is a legitimate and established affiliate marketing network that provides tools and services for affiliates and advertisers to manage and monetize online advertising effectively.

  1. What’s the payout cycle of Admitad?

Admitad usually release payment within a week once the advertiser approves it. However, you can opt for instant payout to get payments instantly.