Handling Disabled or Removed Campaign Programs from Affiliate Networks

Overview #

We understand that managing campaign programs from affiliate networks can be a dynamic task. When a campaign program is disabled or removed by an affiliate network, it’s crucial to handle the changes efficiently to maintain a seamless user experience on your cashback website. Below is a guide on how you can manage these changes.

Notification and Manual Action #

When an affiliate network disables a campaign program, you’ll receive an email notification. Following this, you need to manually manage the affected merchant on your website. This process is kept manual due to the variety of possible actions you can take, ensuring you have full control over how to proceed.

Options for Managing Disabled Programs #

Option A: Trashing the Store and Setting a Redirect #

  • Action: Trash the store and set up a redirect in your system.
  • Purpose: To ensure users visiting the store page via Google search are redirected to a chosen page, avoiding errors in your search console.

Option B: Keeping the Store and Updating Details #

  • Action: Keep the store published but update the deep linking to the plain merchant website link and set the cashback status as disabled.
  • Impact: Users can still visit the merchant through your website, but cashback will not be tracked. If there are affiliate-linked offers associated with this store, they also need to be updated.

Option C: Replacing with an Alternative Affiliate Network #

  • Action: If the store is available from another affiliate network, trash the current store and publish a new one from the alternate network.
  • Note: Ensure the slug is updated to match the previous store, maintaining accessibility via Google search results.

Automating the Process with Effort #

If you prefer an automated approach, we offer a solution through our product, AffPort. It automates the process by:

  • Fetching campaigns from all affiliate networks.
  • Identifying campaigns for the same merchant and setting a hierarchy based on commission rates.
  • Updating or disabling affiliate links based on campaign status changes.
  • For more details on how it works, please check at https://admin-laraback.enactweb.com/manage/stores

This system ensures that the highest commission-giving links are prioritized, and in case a campaign is disabled, it automatically adjusts the affiliate links or disables the cashback.

Conclusion #

These methods are how some of our clients are currently managing changes in campaign programs manually. If you’re interested in automating this process, please let us know your preferred method. We can provide you with cost and timeline estimates for implementation.

Feel free to reach out with any further questions or for assistance in setting up automation through AffPort.