How Extra Cashback Rule works?

Visit admin panel-> Stores & offers-> Extra cashback rules

  1. Select the multiple stores on which you want to apply the extra cashback rule.
  2. Enter the no to multiply the user cashback by that no.
    Note:- If user cashback percentage is 50 and here if you enter 2 it will start offering of your 100% commission.
  3. Enter the start date of the extra cashback rule.
  4. Enter the end date of the extra cashback rule.
  5. If the toggle button is enabled then it is going to show on the front end side otherwise not.

This is how it will look on the front end side
Home page

  1. It is showing the cashback times which you entered in admin panel.
  2. cashback offered on this store.
  3. cashback expiry date.

Single store page