Affiliate Network Integration Flow

Video explanation Affiliate network integration Flow

Video explanation #

This video is recorded for superback product, you can refer to same information related to how to configure the Affiliate network.

Affiliate network integration Flow #

  • Visit the affiliate network from the admin panel
Affiliate network integration flow


  1. Enter the name of the affiliate network
  2. Enter its short name
  3. Enter the namespace.
  4. Enter the affiliate Id
  5. Enter the Website Id
  6. Enter the confirmation days
    – Note:- After these many days, the sales are marked as confirmed without depending on the network status.
  7. Enter the confirmed duration days for the front-end
    – Note:- This is used to show the confirmed days in the front-end for on store page as a fallback, when value is not available as a store level or setting level.
  8. The affiliate network will be enabled or not.
  9. Select the currency from the drop-down list
  10. Enter the network platform
  11. Enter the network unique key
  12. Column update
  13. Campaign status
    – Note:- That is directly mapping with the campaign status.
  14. Sale status
    – Note:- That is directly mapping with the sale transaction status.
  15. Enter the API key
  16. Auth tokens
  17. Credentials
  18. Select the affiliate network if it is provided by directly from the merchants.