Benefits of Using Cashback Websites for Shoppers

Cashback websites for shoppers

Imagine this: You spend an average of $150 on groceries every month, that’s $1,800 on just the basic needs. Now, what if I told you you could earn a flat 5% cashback on each of these transactions?

That’s just grocery. Now, think about every aspect, online shopping, hotel & flight booking, everything. 

An average American household spends $17,016 on food, entertainment, shopping and more.

If you get an average of 5% cashback on each of these purchases.

That’s $850 cashback a year. Looks like your one week salary, huh?

Wouldn’t you love it, Getting free money?

You don’t have to do anything; just go to the website, click a link, and make a transaction, and you will earn a cashback.

This is exactly what a cashback website can help you with earning free money!

In this article, we are going to discuss what cashback websites for shoppers are, how they benefit shoppers and how you can maximize your cashback earnings.

Let’s start with what are cashback websites!

What are cashback websites? #

Cashback websites are online platforms that partner with retailers to offer shoppers a percentage of their purchase amount back as cash rewards. When users shop through these websites, the cashback site earns a commission from the retailer, which is then shared with the user as cashback. This allows shoppers to save money on their online purchases while accessing a wide range of retailers and products.

👉 Types of cashback apps for consumers to earn rewards #

Shopping portals websites #

There are websites that partner with retail stores to offer cashback when you purchase using their link. These websites are actually intermediaries that get paid for bringing customers to retailers site and they pay a part of their commissions to you as a cashback.

Example: Rakuten, CashKaro

Crypto rewards websites #

Crypto rewards websites work similarly to shopping portal websites. The only difference is you get paid in cryptocurrencies instead of cash or gift cards. You can earn BitCoins, Ethereum and more using these crypto rewards websites. And since the value of these crypto’s keeps changing, there are chances you will end up earning more cashback than your purchase amount if your crypto does well. 

Examples: Lolli, StormX, CoinRebates

Survey and task completion websites #

Every product owner wants feedback and they want their products or apps being used. This is where survey and task completion websites come into the picture. You can earn cashback for filling out a simple survey form or completing tasks like installing an app, completing a few stages, etc. Task completion apps usually offer tier-based earning opportunities, like you get cashback for completing every step. These help you earn more while spending less time and without spending anything on shopping.

Examples: Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Toluna

Card linked rewards apps #

Card linked rewards app offers cashback when you link your credit card and spend using the linked card. It has two benefits, you get rewards from rewards app and you earn reward points from the bank. So, it is great for those who use credit cards regularly for their purchase.

Examples: Dosh, Drop, Pei

👉 Benefits of using cashback apps for shoppers  #

Save money while doing daily tasks #

Cashback websites help you earn money for doing simple tasks like shopping online, buying groceries and more. This is something you do and you can earn a few bucks without spending much time.

Access to exclusive deals #

Many cashback apps partner with retailers to offer exclusive deals and coupons for their customers. These deals are unique to the cashback platform and you won’t find them elsewhere. You can save more during the sale period and earn cashback. So, cashback websites are an amazing platform to find exclusive deals and earn cashback over and above all the deals.

Referral bonuses #

Cashback apps offer referral bonuses for referring your friends and family. Some websites offer flat commissions and some offer percentage-based commissions. This can help you earn extra money for just sharing a link to your friends and family. Assume that your friend makes $100 cashback and a cashback website offers a 10% commission, then you can earn $10 completely free.

Price tracking and alerts #

Cashback apps often offer extensions and features to let customers know when the best deal is available. You can use these extensions to find the best reward rates, without leaving a retailer’s site and earn cashback while shopping on the website.

Variety of redemption options #

Unlike traditional coupons, that are limited to specific stores or products, cashback websites provide you an opportunity to redeem your rewards using a variety of options. You can either withdraw in cash, eGift cards or Crypto. You would be surprised to know that some cashback platforms help you pay your mortgage and even pay your mobile bills using cashback.

Comparison made easy #

Cashback apps aren’t just a platform for earning cashback, they also provide you an option to compare the best deals on different retailers and earn a maximum cashback. This saves you time going to every single website to check the pricing and cashback. You can earn maximum cashback by shopping from retailers offering higher cashback rates.

Double down on rewards #

Remember we talked about credit card rewards websites above. You can use them to double down your rewards. If you use credit card cashback apps, you can earn rewards from cashback apps and also earn reward points from banks. It is great for those who use credit cards regularly for shopping online and buying groceries.

👉 Tips to maximize cash back rewards for shoppers  #

Sign up on multiple cashback websites #

Using multiple cashback websites is a great option to compare cashback rates and maximize your earnings. While this is a good option to earn maximum cashback, consider using different browsers for different cashback platforms, because using one browser for all your purchases might result in failure in detecting transactions and no cashback earnings.

There are extensions that will help you compare cashback rates on multiple cashback websites to make things easy for you and earn extra cashback.

Use cashback credit cards #

Use credit cards regularly for your purchases both online and offline. It can double your reward earnings for a single transaction. If you have an app for credit card rewards, link your card to the app and use it to shop on every cashback platform.

Make large purchases on Cashback sites #

Cashback apps often offer extra cashback or eGift cards for making large purchases. These cashbacks are over and above the existing cashback. Check this example of CashKaro. 

They are offering a flat 15% cashback and a 150 INR voucher if you place an order above 5500 INR. So, you are earning regular cashback and you are getting 150 extra for making a big purchase. 

Use browser extensions #

If your cashback platform offers a browser extension, consider using it without fail. Using an extension will show your cashback rates when you visit a retailer site, and you can use the link to earn cashback. You might forget to check the cashback websites, but if you have an extension installed you can check offers directly on retailer sites and maximize your earning.

Regularly check exclusive offers #

Turn on those apps or email notifications. It will keep you updated with the latest deals available from your favorite online stores. And since these deals are exclusive to the cashback platform, you won’t find them elsewhere. So, it is always a good option to get notified about the latest deals.

Refer friends and family #

Referring friends and family on cashback websites is basically free money. Everyone shops online, whether it’s clothing or groceries. So, if you refer anyone and they make a purchase, you can earn rewards for doing nothing.

👉 List of top cashback apps for shoppers to earn rewards #

Here are ten popular cashback apps for you to earn maximum rewards:

  1. Rakuten
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Ibotta
  4. Honey
  5. Dosh
  6. TopCashback
  7. Fetch Rewards
  8. Shopkick
  9. Receipt Hog
  10. Drop

We have created a list of cashback apps for different regions, check them here:

👉Platforms offering the highest cashback rates #

Conclusion #

In a world where we are moving more and more towards online shopping, cashback websites offer a great way to consumers to save money and make the most out of their shopping experiences. With legit and trusted cashback websites, you can save a lot to spend on those summer vacations that you have dreamt of.

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