How to configure your store’s settings

Table of Contents

Store Settings:- #

  1. Enter Tracking Speed.
  • Note:- The time required to track the order.
  1. Enter the Confirm Duration.
  2. Enter the Digits to round the cashback percent.
    If you have set the cashback percentage to 70.85 for a store at , but entered “1” in the settings at , then actual cashback percentage displayed will be rounded off to one digit after the decimal point I.E 70.9
  3. Enter the Digits to round the cashback amount.
    Similarly as explained above it’s done for the Cashback amount for that specific store.
  • Note:- This setting is done forAll Store. If you want to do this same on the “Specific store” level then it would be from the Admin panel->Stores & Offers->Stores->Edit.