How to Apply BeFrugal’s Marketing Strategies to Your Cashback Business

Befrugal Marketing Stretegies

So many cashback and coupon platforms around the globe claim to be offering the highest cashback rates and verified coupons. But how many of them really do what they say?

Well, it turns out not many platforms guarantee this. However, there is one platform that guarantees the highest cashback rates and verified coupons. Its BeFrugal.

BeFrugal is among the platforms that guarantee the highest cashback rates and verified coupons. They are so confident about their claim that they will compensate you if you find better deals elsewhere.

Started in 2009, BeFrugal has now partnered with over 5000 retail merchants. With over $1 billion in sales, BeFrugal has become a go to partner for retailers to promote their products and users to earn cashback. But how did they get there?

In this article, we are going to discuss what made BeFrugal grow, what unique features helped them, and what marketing strategies they adopted.

Let’s start with the basics: How BeFrugal work?

How BeFrugal Works? #

Just like every other cashback platform, BeFrugal works in a very simple way. 

  1. Sign Up: You can create a free account on the BeFrugal website or mobile app.
  1. Browse Offers: You can browse through thousands of deals, coupons, and cashback offers from various online retailers. You can search for specific stores or products to find relevant offers.
  1. Activate cashback: To activate a cashback offer, you click on the offer link on the BeFrugal website, which redirects you to the retailer’s website.
  1. Shop Online: You shop as you normally would on the retailer’s website, adding items to your cart and making a purchase.
  1. Earn Cashback: After completing the purchase, the retailer pays BeFrugal a commission for driving the sale. BeFrugal then shares a portion of this commission with you as cashback, which is credited to your BeFrugal account.
  1. Cash Out: Once the user has accumulated a certain amount of cashback in their BeFrugal account, they can request a payout via check, PayPal, or gift card.

BeFrugal Revenue Model #

  • Affiliate Commissions: BeFrugal partners with thousands of online retailers and earns a commission for every sale made through their platform. When a user shops at a retailer through BeFrugal and makes a purchase, BeFrugal earns a percentage of that sale as a commission.
  • Advertising Fees: BeFrugal has weekly ad circulars, where brands can promote the sale and discount offers. BeFrugal charges a fee for this, which adds up to their revenue.
  • Data Monetization: BeFrugal has a ton of data, including shopping behavior and trends. It can provide retailers or third parties insights about their target audience. BeFrugal charges them a fee for providing this data. 

👉 Unique features of BeFrugal #

1. Highest Cashback and verified coupons guarantee #

BeFrugal, like every other cashback and coupon platform, provides coupons and cashback for every purchase. What makes it different is it guarantees that you will earn the highest cashback compared to every other platform, and the coupons are verified, and it will work.

If the coupon doesn’t work, you can submit a claim, and it will add $5 to your account. And if you find better cashback on another platform, they will match the offer and increase it by 125%. It’s capped at $25 for each order, but it guarantees it makes it a reason for users to keep coming back.

2. Befrugral extension and rewards #

BeFrugal has its own extension for coupons and cashback. It is only available for chrome as of now. You can just visit any site and open this extension to find verified coupons and cashback deals on their partner merchants. You can also earn reward points on your purchase which are exclusive for extension users only. You can convert these points into cash.

3. Flash cashback deals #

BeFrugal has a bonus cashback option, where you can find deals with higher cashback than regular ones. They are limited and can help you save more money when buying through these deals. These deals are updated regularly, so from a business perspective, it keeps users coming back and shopping through these deals. They are highly convertible and help BeFrugal generate more revenue.

4. BeFrugal mobile app #

BeFrugal has developed its own mobile app to reach out to a wide audience across the globe. Since mobile phone users have outnumbered desktop users, it offers convenience to users to earn cashback on multiple devices and platforms.

5. Daily Deals #

Apart from bonus cashback offers, BeFrugal also filters out the best deals for you. The deals are specific to the product and are available at heavy discounts for a limited time. As you can see above, most products are available at more than 50% discount. These save you time finding the best deals on multiple stores. 

6. Your own store #

This feature is like your Spotify Playlist. You can create a list of stores that you often shop from. So, whenever you visit the BeFrugal platform, you will see how much cashback each store is offering. Most brands usually show the brands with the highest cashback earnings. But BeFrugal decided to take a different route, a more personalized one. You can edit the stores and get rid of the jargon to find the brands that you love.

7. Weekly Ad Circular #

BeFrugal has created a unique way to generate revenue. Every week they publish a circular with brands offering cashback or coupons with huge discounts. As you can see above there are so many brands that run ads on BeFrugal. For example, if you click on the first brand, ABC Warehouse.

You will see something like this, where they are claiming to offer up to 65% discount store wide. This allows users to save extra and helps BeFrugal to diversify its revenue streams.

8. Printable Coupons #

While most platforms rely on online coupons and cashback, BeFrugal offers a unique way to save money with printable coupons. You can print coupons and use them in store. Thou you won’t get any cashback on printable coupons, it is still a good option to save few bucks while shopping offline.

9. Live Chat Support #

In 2011, BeFrugal was the first coupon and cashback platform to offer live chat support. Thou, it might not sound like something out of the box, it was a unique thing in 2011. This feature played a big role in helping BeFrugal build trust among its audience. Even today, not many platforms offer this feature. So, it is worth considering this.

👉 Marketing strategies of BeFrugal #

1. $10 Sign-up bonus #

BeFrugal offers s bonus of $10 to everyone registering on their platform. It helps them attract users and get a competitive edge over their competitors. Thou this bonus comes with the little * on top, i.e. conditions applied. You can only withdraw this bonus when you make your first purchase through BeFrugal, and your cashback is confirmed.

2. Referral program #

Most cashback platforms have been doing this. BeFrugal has joined them, too. They offer $10 bonus to you and your friend. You can share your links on social media and via email to invite your friends. BeFrugal has gone beyond these regular sharing options. If you have a website, you can also add a banner to it and earn a bonus from every signup. It’s quick and easy, so you can quickly add it without knowing much about tech.

3. Affiliate Marketing #

BeFrugal partners with influencers, bloggers, and other websites to promote their platform. These partners earn a commission for every customer they refer to BeFrugal. 

4. Partnerships and Collaborations #

BeFrugal partners with retailers to offer exclusive deals and discounts to its users, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

5. Email Marketing #

BeFrugal uses email campaigns to communicate with its users, share exclusive offers, and encourage them to shop through the platform. It even lets users set email alerts for specific brand cashback and coupon offers, so they don’t have to spam everyone with common promotional emails. 

Apart from these BeFrugal also uses social media, SEO marketing, and content marketing to promote their platform and brand cashbacks.

👉Pros and Cons #

Pros of Using BeFrugal:

  • Shop at over 5,000 stores.
  • Guaranteed maximum cash back.
  • Accessible to users worldwide.
  • Offers many money-saving tools.
  • Coupon guarantee.
  • The low minimum threshold for withdrawal

Cons of Using BeFrugal:

  • No cash back for purchases made in-store.
  • Some users have reported issues with purchases on Amazon.
  • Extension availability is limited to Chrome browser only

👉 Is BeFrugal legit or a Scam? #

BeFrugal has been in the business for more than 15 years and has generated over $1 Billion in sales through its platform. The numbers speak for themselves and there is no doubt that BeFrugal is a legit platform.

Planning to build a legit cashback and coupon platform like BeFrugal? #

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Conclusion #

BeFrugal has proven its reliability and appeal in the cashback and coupon industry by offering the highest cashback rates and verified coupons. Their unique features, strategic partnerships, and effective marketing strategies have led to significant growth and a loyal user base. With a commitment to providing value and innovation, you can also build a platform similar to BeFrugal. 

Book a quick consultation call today and let’s discuss how we can build a platform like BeFrugal for you.