Welcome Screen configuration

Visit Admin Panel-> CMS->Content Blocks->Welcome screen

Note:- This is basically Mobile Application “Welcome Page”.

  1. Visit Content->Section->Heading, enter the Heading in an Appropriate way.
  2. Enter Description related to heading.
  3. Now Block will come
    1. Enter the Title of the block
    2. Enter its Sequence no. i.e basically Ranking would provide here that on which position it would come.
      -Hint:- Here you might think that why it’s going to take 400 in a sequence that basically provides easiness to change within the position.
    3. Enter the Content which is related to the Title.
    4. Upload image by clicking on Choose Img button and remove image by clicking on Remove Img button.
    5. Remove block by clicking on the Remove Block button.
  4. Add block by clicking on the Add Block Button.
  5. When Hide After Login is ON, the content is not going to show after login. When disabled the content is going to show after login.
  6. Different types of Style is selected from the drop-down list.