How to configure language master?

Translation to Different Languages or Add New Language #

To Change the language Translation setting visit the Admin Panel-> DEVELOPER SETUP-> Language Master-> Create New.

  1. Add the Name of the language.
  2. Add ISO language code, it must be 2 characters and in a small case, i.e. en, hi, de, etc.
  3. When Enabled is ON, it will show language switcher in front-end. If disabled, it will NOT show in the front-end.
  4. When Is Admin switch is ON, it shows the translatable fields in various forms for pages, stores, etc. When disabled, it will NOT show the field to translate in forms.
  • Note:-Do not switch off the admin option for the English language, else, it will remove all English values from all labels.
  1. After adding the language the code of language is shown in translate to options. Click on that particular options.
    1. This will translate language from English to other languages and must have data already saved.
    2. We’ve used Free google translate API, hence, it’s not reliable to use system-generated translation. It is recommended to translate the label manually.
  2. Click on the language code that you have selected earlier. it would translate in the preferred language.