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PHP Cashback Website Script Development

  • The cashback website was developed from scratch using the latest tech stack like PHP Laravel, React JS.
  • 100+ unique features and functionalities required for a rapidly growing business.
  • Highly scalable and performance-optimized php cashback script business solution.
  • 100% editable source code delivery with the ability for infinite customization.
  • With the use of Laraberg, it’s easy to customize the layout and manage the page’s content for the website and cashback mobile app from within the admin panel.

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PHP Cashback Software Features and Benefits


Intuitive CMS

Manage all content, banners, cashback configurations from easy to use admin panel.


Automated & Secured

Manual intervention helps improve the consistency & accuracy of overall business operations.


Offers with Cashback

Minimalist design for offers and coupons that also works seamlessly with cashback functionality.


SEO Friendly

Special care is taken to implement the best SEO practices to help you grab organic traffic visibility.


Multilingual compatibility

Convert your coupon script portal into multi-languages for all the static and dynamic content easily.


Optimized for Scale

Now grow your cashback business without worry as it’s optimized to sustain with scalability.


Custom Referral Reward

Set custom referral reward for loyal users and increase your retention rate with fixed referral cashback.


All Device Responsive

Fluid website layout fits in Multiple device resolutions to offer a great user experience.

Check the demo of scalable cashback website, mobile app and browser extension

PHP laravel

Cashback PHP Script – Front-end & User Panel Development

  • Highly scalable, best suited for the growing cash-back shopping apps business from across the globe.
  • Unique features put you on top of the industry with key differentiators of the business.
  • Easy to operate admin panel and manage all content and pages for your cashback php Script portal.
  • Fully automated php deal cashback website that imports all coupons and offers using API.
  • View in action the demo cashback website before you order our php deal script.

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Cashback Mobile App Development

  • Cashback Mobile app developed using React Native offers an immersive user experience.
  • Works in sync with the website database.
  • Drag and drop builder for cashback mobile app home screen.
  • Notification to users for various cashback activities.
  • Deployment and approval from Google Play & Apple iTunes stores.

Note: This is an APK file. Install on your Mobile Device.


Cashback Admin Controls

  • Create and manage your store, coupons, php deal script, and categories with some clicks.
  • Easy to update and manage content on pages and blocks without writing any code.
  • Comprehensive reports and data points to make an informed business decision.
  • Roles & permission to create more admin users with limited access.
  • Fraud detection for referral.


Cashback Browser Extension

  • Boost customer loyalty by offering a cashback shopping browser extension for online purchases.
  • Remind to activate cashback automatically.
  • Users can apply coupons right on the partner merchant page by clicking on extension popup.
  • Available for the Chrome, Edge, Firefox & Safari.
  • Works in sync with the website database.

Click Here to know how to install the browser extension in your Chrome Browser.

PHP cashback Scripts

A PHP cashback script can be customized to cater to a wide range of businesses and industries, including e-commerce, travel, food, and services.

PHP Cashback Website Development Cost

Choose the best cashback php script pricing plans that are right for your needs.

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PlansProPro PLUS
Features of Coupon & Cashback Website
Features of Coupon & Cashback Website
  • Dynamic & multiple layouts
  • Postback for instant tracking
  • Missing cashback claim system
  • Refer & earn with one time and recurring reward
  • Professional looking email notifications
  • Social login
  • Dynamic payout mode creation
  • Fraud referral user detection
  • Currency conversion
  • Product Daily Deals
  • Basic reports & logs
  • User favorites
  • User verification with phone OTP
  • Multi-languages
Features of Coupon & Cashback Website
  • Everything in Pro plan
  • Charts & Stats in User Dashboard
  • Custom rule based cashback setup
  • Share & earn
  • Cashfree or PayPal Automated Payout
  • Email verification for payout request
  • Landing page for WhatsApp/Telegram
  • Festival themed offer page
  • Instaback
  • Business Reports
Free bug-fix support
Free bug-fix support
4 Weeks
Free bug-fix support
12 Weeks
Free Updates
Free Updates
3 Months
Free Updates
1 Year
$2639 $3299
₹1,64,400 ₹2,02,000
$3719 $4199
₹2,40,000 ₹2,80,000
Mobile App
Mobile App
$3119 $3499
₹1,98,000 ₹2,20,000
Mobile App
$3839 $4199
₹2,52,000 ₹2,75,000
Chrome & Edge Extensions
Chrome & Edge Extensions
$3719 $4199
₹2,40,000 ₹2,60,000
Chrome & Edge Extensions
$4079 $4499
₹2,64,000 ₹2,85,000
Safari & Firefox Extensions (Add-on)
Safari & Firefox Extensions (Add-on)
$1679 $1999
₹1,15,800 ₹1,32,000
Safari & Firefox Extensions (Add-on)
$2039 $2399
₹1,41,000 ₹1,61,000
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How we arrived at this price?

  • 100% editable source code to customize anytime.
  • It’s not cloned, but an authentic pre-made solution.
  • Deployment of the functional website on a server.
  • Excellent support to enable non-tech founders to manage the website& launcha business.
  • Complete documentation with video tutorials.
  • Guidance on the network association.
  • GTmetrix & Google PageSpeed optimized solution
  • Business consultation from industry experts.
  • Design customization with intuitive CMS.
  • Dynamic colors & multiple style variants
  • SEO-optimized solution with global templates & module level control.
  • Variable month and date in SEO configuration.
  • Ability to create unlimited pages, stores, coupons.
  • Quick delivery with complete deployment.
  • Translation ready
  • Lifetime customization support
  • A higher value for the reasonable cost
  • 100% contract-driven & transparent pricing
  • Payment via PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Free Complimentary Add-ons

Limited Time

  • DigitalOcean VPS Setup
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • SSL setup

  • Business Email on ZOHO
  • SMTP Setup by Sendgrid, MailGun, Sendinblue
  • Website deployment

Affiliate Network Integration



  • Campaign API
  • Coupon API
  • Available Affiliate networks

  • Commission Rate API
  • Sale Data API
  • Integration with New networks

Looking to launch your own PHP cashback script?

Using this PHP cashback script, you can earn affiliate commissions through coupon codes, deals, vouchers, and banner ads.


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To create a cashback website, there are a few ways you can start. One approach is to go with a PHP cashback script development company or if you know coding stuff, you can do it on your own. Other than that, you need a domain, integration with affiliate networks, content on your website (coupons and deals), and marketing strategies and you’re good to go. Learn more about a step-by-step guide to create a profitable cashback website.

The cost to develop a cashback website script depends largely on your requirements, features, and technologies. The cost to develop a standard cashback php script typically ranges from 2000 USD to 8000 USD. A pre-made cashback website costs much less than a custom cashback app website. You can get pre-made cashback shopping app websites anywhere starting from 500 USD.

You can check out the Laraback cashback website cost here.

Laraback is the best suited for you if you’re aiming for a great scale in your cashback business within a shorter period of time, expecting a lot of networks, merchant associations, and millions of users. The coupon code functionality in PHP affiliate script is fully optimized for automation, SEO, performance, and security to offer a great competitive edge in all aspects. For more, refer to this guide stats the difference between PHP cashback website vs WordPress cashback website

Laraback is a clean, minimalist PHP deal script. You can promote brands with/without coupons.

Tap in multiple pages for various store categories, and coupon categories keywords easily as it enables targeting those keywords with dedicated landing pages.

This cashback php script has many other features implemented for a growing business looking at a quick scale. We make sure that you’re getting maximum automation, optimization, SEO friendliness, performance, etc. that any standard cashback business model should have for scalable business with cashback rewards.

We discourage the plan upgrade and migration from one plan to another, as it may require major rework on the architect’s side. Moreover, it’s prone to lose all your configured data, images, etc.

Therefore, we propose to choose the appropriate plan right from the beginning to avoid any challenges later.

No, GST charges are not included in the PHP cashback script-based plan (Applicable for INR only) amount mentioned above. You will get the final amount (including GST) at purchase time.

Yes, if you purchase our PHP cashback app business solution you will get 100% source code without any encryption. Lots of people search online for how to make a cashback website. and they want to customize on their own. We made a fully customized affiliate cashback script.

You can start a cashback website only if you have secured the PHP cashback script. It’s the easiest Cashback Script for an entrepreneur and enhances the overall brand outlook at an affordable price. we provide a performance-optimized cashback system with a website developed by EnactSoft. This is the best PHP deal Script for an entrepreneur and is highly recommended by Successful Affiliate Marketers.

Highly recommended by Successful Affiliate Marketers! PHP Cashback Script with a combo of Laravel and AngularJS. PHP Cashback Script offers a comprehensive solution for a performance-optimized cashback system with a website developed by EnactSoft.

With the PHP cashback script, you can easily start a cashback website. It includes automation, integration with an affiliate network, coupon API to import coupons automatically, an auto cashback rewards system, and more features that make it the best option to get started and maintain a long-term business.

Cashback website earns money by having php affiliate script with e-commerce sites. They promote their site and also the products from a large number of brands on their site.

Each time a user buys one of these products, some percentage of the commission is earned by the cashback website. Coupon cashback websites can earn money in a number of ways.

First, you have to have some traffic coming to your website. If there is no traffic, then there is no money. Secondly, if a user clicks on your site and uses an offer, you earn some commission from that offer-maker company.

A Cashback business website works by providing a reward to users for purchasing items through an affiliate link. When a customer makes a purchase, the monetary reward generated because of it is given to the user with some percentage as cashback. Cashback business is absolutely legal, cashback apps work like this they get a percentage profit from the selling site every time a buyer purchases a product and gets cashback as a cashback reward to visit their website.

Yes, it’s possible. Once you have created your cashback site, you are free to add any affiliate links you would like.

To integrate a php cashback script into your existing website, you will need to follow these steps:

Choose a cashback script provider:

Research and choose a reliable cashback php script provider that offers the features you need for your website.

Install the script:

Once you have chosen a php cashback script provider, follow their instructions to install the script into your website. This may involve adding a code snippet to your website’s source code or using a plugin to install the script.

Customize the script:

The php cashback script provider may allow you to customize the script to match the look and feel of your website. Take advantage of this opportunity to make the PHP deal script blend in with your website.

Test the script:

After you have installed and customized the php cashback script, test it to ensure that it is working correctly. This includes checking that the cashback rewards are being calculated correctly and that the script is properly integrated with your website.

Launch the script:

Once you are satisfied that the PHP affiliate script is working correctly, launch it on your website. Make sure to promote the cashback rewards program to your customers, so they are aware of the benefits of using your website.

It’s important to follow these steps carefully to ensure that the PHP cashback script is properly integrated into your existing website and that your customers have a seamless experience when using the script to earn cashback rewards.

Yes, Laravel affiliate system flexibility makes it possible to build a variety of reward structures, including a cashback model. The system can be designed to track purchases, calculate cashback amounts, and credit them to users’ accounts.

A cashback system development can help drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases by offering tangible rewards. It can also provide valuable data on customer behavior, enabling you to better tailor your marketing and sales strategies.

PHP affiliate script is widely used for web development due to its flexibility, compatibility with many servers and databases, and large developer community. A PHP affiliate script leverages these benefits to provide a robust and adaptable solution for managing an affiliate program.

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