Charity cashback website and development for fundraising

The FundBack enables shoppers to donate cashback earnings to their preferred charities. Listing stores, coupons, and offers with branded charity pages, the FundBack is a perfect charity crowdfunding solution for startups. Most of the operations are automated with various network API integration to create stores, offers, coupons, track donations email notifications, and many more.

  • All-in-one solution for creating cashback and rewards programs.
  •  It integrates with various affiliate networks and allows users to earn cashback on a wider range of products and services.
  • It provides an easy-to-navigate interface for businesses and customers.
  • It incorporates automated workflows for efficient operations.
  • Offers insightful data for businesses to understand customer behavior and refine strategies.

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Fundraising Charity Cashback System

Let millions of online shoppers grab the best coupons & offers to make their shopping affordable, and yet donate to their preferred charities for FREE. The cashback fundraising solution model has been one of the niches with a great success ratio.

Fundraising Charities

Manage the charity details, profile, donation raised so far, withdraw the funds latest initiatives etc. from a dedicated dashboard.

Organization profile management

Dedicated frontend landing page

Funds withdrawal

Donation transactions

Supporter lists

Promotion tools

Charity cashback website

Shopper / Donor

Shopper select the charity to support once and all the donation earned from those purchases made will be awarded to the selected fundraiser.

Social login

Shopping activities

Profile settings

Shopping trips

Missing donation claim

Charity selection and change

Cashback Fundraising Solution Demo

PHP LAravel

Charity Cashback Website

  • Perfect combination of cashback website with donation to charities
  • User can choose to support charities they want and also keep the cashback they earned.
  • There is no additional money users need to spend to support charities. Do good cause with deep satisfaction.

Email & Password: [email protected]



Charity Cashback App

  • Attract mobile shoppers with donation functionality that adds value to charities while shopping.
  • Fluid speed charity cashback app that is seamlessly configured with the website.
  • Browse the charity cashback app demo that is developed using cutting-edge technology.

Friendly CMS

Charity Fundraising Software Dashboard

  • Charity Fundraising Software dashboard for charities to manage and withdraw the donation with donors’ details.
  • With some clicks, manage stores, charities, cashback percentages, and more from the owner admin.
  • Manage missing cashback, view overall reports, transaction, etc. details in a very structured format.

Email & Password: [email protected]



Charity Cashback Browser Extension

  • Cashback reminder browser extension helps acquire and retain customers easily.
  • Activate the offer whenever a user is on partnered merchant website and can donate to a respective charity and organization.

Click the link to know how to install the browser extension in your Chrome Browser

Benefits of Online Fundraising Donation Portals


High commission rates

Once there’s traction, merchants are open to extending special commission rates to help you sustain & grow the business.


Raise funds for charities

Users are able to support the causes & charities of their choice without actually spending a penny from their pocket.


Extra fund for Charities

Charities are able to raise funds from an additional stream which otherwise rely on the conventional approaches.


Deep satisfaction

With the business, the joy of helping others and promoting a good cause brings a special satisfaction which is unique.

Charity Fundraising Software Pricing

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  • Elegant, intuitive & immersive homepage
  • Fundraising goal along with actual tracking
  • A missing donation claim system
  • Fraud referral user detection
  • Email notification
  • Social login
  • Listing of charities charities by causes
  • Promotion tools

Free updates

3 Months

Free bug-fix support

4 Weeks




Mobile App



Chrome & Edge Extensions



Safari & Firefox Extensions (Add-on)



How we arrived at this price?

  • 100% editable source code to customize anytime.
  • It’s not cloned, but an authentic pre-made solution.
  • Deployment of the functional website on a server.
  • Excellent support to enable non-tech founders to manage the website& launcha business.
  • Complete documentation with video tutorials.
  • Guidance on the network association.
  • GTmetrix & Google PageSpeed optimized solution
  • Business consultation from industry experts.
  • Design customization with Gutenberg builder.
  • Dynamic colors & multiple style variants
  • SEO-optimized solution with global templates & module level control.
  • Variable month and date in SEO configuration.
  • Ability to create unlimited pages, stores, coupons.
  • Quick delivery with complete deployment.
  • Translation ready
  • Lifetime customization support
  • A higher value for the reasonable cost
  • 100% contract-driven & transparent pricing
  • Payment via PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Free Complimentary Add-ons

Limited Time

  • DigitalOcean VPS Setup
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • SSL setup

  • Business Email on ZOHO
  • SMTP Setup by Sendgrid, MailGun, Sendinblue
  • Website deployment

Affiliate Network Integration



  • Campaign API
  • Coupon API
  • Available Affiliate networks

  • Commission Rate API
  • Sale Data API
  • Integration with New networks

automation-image-1-1024x916 (1)

Automated Nonprofit Fundraising Platform for Good Cause

Right when the user selects the charity to donate, to shop from the partner merchant, getting back the conversion data, keep the conversion status synchronized with the affiliate network, information to the user & charities about the transaction, and so on is automated with cutting-edge technologies.


Affiliate Network Integrations

Manage and import stores, coupons, donations rates fully automatically. No Manual intervention.


Automated Email Notification

Send Automatic email notification for changing charity, completing donation and more.


Auto donation calculation

System will calculate donation automatically & show you the confirm, pending status with all necessary data.

Cashback Fundraising Solution Key Features and Benefits


Charities Landing Pages

Separate landing page dedicated to each charity so that to showcase their work to the audience and seek the donation.


SEO Optimized Performance

Every internet product needs to be SEO-friendly for sustainability and we’ve taken care to a great extent.


Informative Pages

A separate landing page to guide your user about flow and know more about your system and organization goals including video.


Immersive homepage 

A truly remarkable, intuitive, and beautiful landing page with smooth navigation to enhance the user shopping experience.


Sorting of charities by causes

A list of causes helps sort the charities & offer an additional layer of navigation to users to figure out the charities to help.


Stores with coupons & offers

List of various stores with thousands of coupons, offers & deals. A-Z filter listing to find the best stores available to shop.


Control the donation rates

You can define the donation rate at each partner store level to keep some percentage commission with you.


Business Reports

Keep an eye on the business performance by reviewing the smart analytics for various data points.


Responsive to All Devices

The charity cashback system is made responsive to all standard devices such that the desktop website fits in all resolution in the best possible way.

Donate your cashback to charity!

Looking for a charity website source code? Dive into our flexible and robust platform. Craft your unique charity fundraising software with FundBack today.
Shop, earn cashback, and make a difference in the world with every purchase!

Difference Between Nonprofit Fundraising Platforms and Typical Cashback Websites

Nonprofit Fundraising Platforms

  • User-earned cashback is donated to the use selected charity.
  • The user selects the charity before initiating the transaction on any merchant partner.
  • Users can avail of the discount code, offers, and deals, and yet earned cashback will be donated.
  • There’s a dedicated charity onboarding page along with their dashboard.
  • Charities can manage their cause information and seek funds from users.
  • User-earned cashback is automatically paid out to charities, without the user needing to take any action.
  • Showcase business as a non-profit social project.

Typical Cashback Website

  • A user-earned reward is paid out to the user as cashback when confirmed.
  • There’s no additional selection required by the user.
  • Users can avail of the discount code, offers, and deals which can only be used to purchase again or withdraw.
  • There’s no such charity dashboard.
  • There’s no such landing page.
  • Users need to request cashback payment by satisfying the minimum amount condition based on the payment mode.
  • It’s a for-profit business.


Didn’t get your answer? Contact us if you have any queries.

Yes, you need to have an affiliate network association to run the charity cashback portal.
In most cases, the network approves the account only after you have a functional website, so first, get the website/app/browser extension developed and apply for the network association if already not available.

Yes, for every merchant, you can set the %age you want to offer a donation to charities and the rest will be with you.

This way, your cut will help you sustain your business expenses.

Charities can manage their profile content, cause details, initiatives they have undertaken, money they’ve spent, testimonials from their initiatives, etc.

Moreover, they can see who all have supported their cause and donated so that they can get in touch and send them to thank you note!

With FundBack, when users make purchases through the platform’s affiliate partners, a percentage of the purchase is given back as cashback. This cashback fundraising solution can then be donated to a charity or cause of the user’s choice.

Yes, FundBack can be utilized as a charity crowdfunding solution. It enables users to create and manage crowdfunding campaigns for non-profit causes.

Non-profits may potentially customize FundBack’s source code to tailor their charity websites to their specific needs. This could include features of Charity Crowdfunding Solution such as integrating with their current systems, customizing user interfaces, or adding unique features.

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