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Launch Your Affiliate Network with CJ clone script

Start your own affiliate network with our Commission Junction software clone. A cost-effective solution with no subscriptions, fully customizable, and ready for immediate deployment on your server.

Since 2013, we’ve catered to 250+ clients from 65+ countries.

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What is Commission Junction Affiliate Clone Script?

Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing network connecting advertisers with publishers to promote products and services. It facilitates partnerships where publishers earn commissions for driving traffic and sales to advertisers websites. With a range of advertisers and publishers, Commission Junction offers a dynamic platform for monetizing online traffic.

You can develop a website like Commission Junction using our clone software script. It is 100% customizable, so you can add features and customize them based on your requirements to get a competitive edge over Commission Junction. It can handle conversion tracking, goal settings, advertiser integration by postback and events. With a dedicated panel for advertisers and publisher you can scale your business easily.

Contact our team at EnactSoft to build a website like Commission Junction. Our experts will help you develop it while you focus on your core business.

Why build your own affiliate network like Commision Junction?


Connect advertisers & publishers

A network can help you connect with advertisers and publishers and help them partner with each other in a specific niche.

Integration Capabilities

Work with other networks

You can onboard brands from other affiliate networks with a postback service to increase offerings for publishers.

Accurate tracking

Let your affiliates track clicks, conversions, and sales in real-time with your own tracking systems.

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Attract brands

By offering a reliable and diverse network of publishers, you can attract brands to reach their target audience by partnering with publishers in their niche.


Monthly fee

You can diversify earning opportunities by charging publishers and advertisers monthly fees to access your network.

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Detailed insights

Identify top-performing brands to promote them to your marketers and help them earn more commission.

Secure Transaction

Control earnings

You can set your commission rates on the campaign level with an affiliate network. So, you earn a part of the affiliate’s earnings.

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Promote campaigns

You can set minimum payouts so affiliates promote campaigns to earn maximum commissions.

Commission Junction Clone Script Features

Our script is loaded with customizable features that can enhance your network performance.


Affiliate management

Our script can provide panels and tools to manage and track affiliate’s performance and handle registrations and approvals.


Advertiser management

With our clone script, advertisers and merchants can easily register on your affiliate network and track campaign performance in their panels.


Admin Panel

You can also track your earnings, campaign, and publisher performance in your network panel. It helps you see which publishers and campaigns are performing well.

Global Store Access

Customize Commission

You can encourage top-performing publishers by offering them more commission. The script allows you to set commissions for individual publishers.

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eCommerce integration

CJ clone script seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms so your merchants can easily start their program.

User friendly interface

Multi-currency support

Our script is designed to handle payments in multiple currencies across the globe.

Secure Transaction


With the network, affiliates can create their own sub-affilate network, to promote campaigns.

Fraud detection

CJ clone script can detect unusual activities like fake clicks, sales, and transactions.

Planning to launch your own affiliate network like CJ Affiliate?

Our team of experts can help you develop an affiliate network like Commission Junction. With 11 years of experience in the affiliate industry, we make sure that we leave no stone unturned. We can launch your affiliate network faster than custom development while avoiding mistakes that most people make as a beginners.

→Customize advanced features

→ Avoid beginner mistakes

→ Faster turnaround time than custom development

How does Commission Junction Clone work?

Commission Junction clone script will replicate the features and functionalities of CJ. It will also let you customize the platform based on your requirements.


1. Onboard

Onboard merchants and affiliates and set up the programs quickly 


2. Promote

Publishers can promote advertisers’ campaign and track their progress


3. Track

Both affiliates and advertisers can their campaign performance and conversions


4. Optimize

Optimize your campaigns with detailed insights, to increase conversions and attract more customers.

Benefits of Choosing Our CJ Clone Script

Ready-To-Launch Solution

Deploy your own affiliate network in less time than custom developed software. Save time and money on developing a custom affiliate network.


Scale your affiliate network based on your growing user base. Clone script ensures that the network can handle increasing traffic and transactions.

Comprehensive Admin Panel

Efficiently manage affiliates and advertisers’ activities and track transactions and Commissions in one admin panel.


Save on development costs with a pre-built solution like the Commission Junction clone script that’s both high-quality and budget-friendly.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

Receive regular updates and maintenance to keep your affiliate network secure, bug-free, and up-to-date with the latest technologies.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with users in mind, our CJ clone script offers an intuitive and seamless shopping experience.


Tailor the affiliate network to your brand and specific needs, ensuring it aligns with your business vision.

Bug-Free & Secure Transactions

Benefit from a robust and well-tested CJ clone script that ensures stability, reliability, and protection against fraudulent activities.

Easy-to-Use Interface

CJ affiliate script is user-friendly, making navigating and managing your affiliate activities easy, even with limited technical experience.

Community Support

Access ongoing support and guidance from a community of experts to address any queries or challenges you may encounter.



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A CJ clone script replicates the functionalities of the CJ Affiliate platform, allowing users to manage their own affiliate network.

It facilitates the connection between advertisers and affiliates, manages the tracking of links, calculates commissions, and handles payments.

CJ earns through transaction fees, charging advertisers a percentage of the commissions paid to affiliates and sometimes also setup or monthly fees.

Essential features include robust affiliate management, real-time tracking and analytics, secure payment processing, customizable commission structures, and scalable infrastructure.

Yes, Commission Junction clone scripts are designed for customization to fit your specific business needs and branding requirements.

We offer initial setup support and ongoing maintenance, with updates to enhance functionality and security.

Regularly update software, use secure payment gateways, and implement robust data protection measures.

Costs vary depending on the functionality; you can contact our experts at EnactSoft for a precise estimate.

Depending on customization and setup complexity, we can launch it in less time compared to custom development.

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