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  • Coupled with PHP based cashback admin panel
  • Synchronized with cashback app and browser extension
  • Best cashback website script for startups. Launch Today.
  • Fully Automated WordPress-based coupon website development

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Key Features and Benefits That Every Coupon Website Theme Needs!

Robust Tech Cashback Website Script

WordPress Based

Affiliate Cashback Script

  • Fully Automated WordPress cashback script is developed for affiliate entrepreneurs.
  • It’s a WordPress-based cashback coupon website template having powerful 100+ functionalities.
  • It is coupled with the PHP cashback admin panel that allows managing every operation with just click.
  • Auto-import coupons with standard Coupon API integration to automate your website.
  • Before you order your cashback WordPress affiliate theme, browse the demo below to get a brief idea.

Email & Password: [email protected]

Affiliate Cashback Script Demo
cashback mobile app demo


Cashback Mobile App

  • Cashback mobile app developed using a hybrid React Native framework offers really smooth, unique, and outstanding Cashback mobile app.
  • It’s seamlessly connected with the website database such that users can access the data from any platform easily.
  • Send targeted notifications and promotional offers, promote refer & mobile app installs easily.

Note: This is an APK file. Install in your Mobile Device.

Friendly CMS

Cashback Admin Panel

  • Manage store and offers easily with some clicks
  • Set cashback amount as per networks and track every transaction detail.
  • Business reports with graphs and useful data to take better decisions for upcoming business strategies.
  • Manage users missing cashback, update cashback and notify users with real-time emails


Cashback Browser Extension

  • Acquire more customers and make them loyal by offering an extension when shopping online
  • It reminds your users to activate the cashback when shopping from your partnered merchant store.
  • It automatically applies the coupons at checkout to offer the best discounts.
  • Improving the customer retention and conversion rate for your business.

Click Here to know how to install the browser extension in your Chrome Browser.


Choose the best cashback pricing plans that are right for your needs

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Features of Coupon & Cashback Website
Features of Coupon & Cashback Website
  • Dynamic & multiple layouts
  • Postback for instant tracking
  • Missing cashback claim system
  • Refer & earn with one time and recurring reward
  • Email notification
  • Social login
  • Dynamic payout mode creation
  • Fraud referral user detection
Features of Coupon & Cashback Website
  • Everything in standard plan
  • Currency conversion
  • Product Daily Deals
  • Share & earn
  • Paytm or PayPal Automated Payout
  • Email verification for payout request
  • Landing page for WhatsApp/Telegram
Free bug-fix support
Free bug-fix support
4 Weeks
Free bug-fix support
12 Weeks
Free Updates
Free Updates
3 Months
Free Updates
1 Year
$749 $999
₹51000 ₹65500
$1550 $1899
₹100000 ₹135500
Mobile App
Mobile App
$1550 $2099
₹100000 ₹132000
Mobile App
$2099 $2499
₹132000 ₹152000
Chrome & Edge Extensions
Chrome & Edge Extensions
$1989 $2499
₹127000 ₹135500
Chrome & Edge Extensions
$2499 $2799
₹152000 ₹135500
Safari & Firefox Extensions (Add-on)
Safari & Firefox Extensions (Add-on)
$999 $1199
₹68500 ₹135500
Safari & Firefox Extensions (Add-on)
$1199 $1599
₹82500 ₹135500
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

How we arrived at this price?

  • 100% editable source code to customize anytime.
  • It’s not cloned, but an authentic pre-made solution.
  • Deployment of the functional website on a server.
  • Excellent support to enable non-tech founders to manage the website& launcha business.
  • Complete documentation with video tutorials.
  • Guidance on the network association.
  • GTmetrix & Google PageSpeed optimized solution
  • Business consultation from industry experts.
  • Design customization with Gutenberg builder.
  • Dynamic colors & multiple style variants
  • SEO-optimized solution with global templates & module level control.
  • Variable month and date in SEO configuration.
  • Ability to create unlimited pages, stores, coupons.
  • Quick delivery with complete deployment.
  • Translation ready
  • Lifetime customization support
  • A higher value for the reasonable cost
  • 100% contract-driven & transparent pricing
  • Payment via PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Free Complimentary Add-ons

Limited Time

  • DigitalOcean VPS Setup
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • SSL setup

  • Business Email on ZOHO
  • SMTP Setup by Sendgrid, MailGun, Sendinblue
  • Website deployment

Affiliate Network Integration



  • Campaign API
  • Coupon API
  • Available Affiliate networks

  • Commission Rate API
  • Sale Data API
  • Integration with New networks

Cashback WordPress Theme

EnactSoft is a premium theme provider that offers a variety of cashback affiliate themes. Simply visit their website and search for “cashback affiliate theme” to find the theme that best fits your needs.

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cashback websites are simply an idea to offer products from different merchants and brands on the same site. Users can browse the best deals and discounts from merchants and earn additional cashback on top of it. Users get all the products directly from merchants. Cashback website owners (affiliates) earn commission from merchants and they pass on some percentage of that earned commission to users as cashback. It’s a win-win situation for affiliates, users as well as merchants. To know more details on how cashback website works, refer this detailed guide.

Cashback website makes money through affiliate commissions from merchants and partners. In general, cashback websites have listed products from several brands, merchants and online stores. These products are nothing but affiliate links. Each sale made on merchant websites through affiliate links enables cashback websites to earn a commission.

A cashback script is a piece of code specifically written for websites that work on an affiliate business model. It enables users to earn cashback while shopping online and keeps track of every transaction/status.

Cashback clone scripts are considered a duplication of any top cashback website available in the market. There are so many issues with indexing and maintaining SEO uniqueness as its clone. Users don’t recognize anything new in your website and it’s hard to get decent visibility and scalability. Learn more about why cashback clone scripts are not sustainable.

CashbackOS is a fully automated cashback solution that is NOT cloned in nature unlike other cashback scripts out there in the market. To more about key differences, refer to this dedicated blog comparing CashbackOS and Competitors.

There are several affiliate programs and networks available in the market. These affiliate networks provide you deals and coupon content for your website. You can import these cashback coupon deals via API. Learn more about high paying affiliate networks and programs to join in 2022.

Following third-party services are included out of the box:
Mailgun – to send a system-generated email notification to users, i.e. when signup, cashback tracked, etc. Mailgun has a free email sending up to 10,000 (subject to change) per month, you will be charged only if the number of emails being sent per month exceeds the free tier. Check their website for more details.
Google Social Login – To enable users signup/login using their personal Gmail account
Facebook Social Login – To enable users signup / login using their personal Facebook account

Customization support is available lifetime, so you can get it done now during the first time implementation or you can contact us once the website is live and get the implementation done for custom functionality. Alternatively, you can hire another agency for custom development as well. Please note that, if any code is broken by another agency will not be covered under the support clause.

The DigitalOcean account will be created by you and add us as the developer team, which after setup and deployment completion, can be removed from the team account.

This way, the entire server is always in your control with full ownership.

We discourage the planned upgrade and migration from one plan to another, as it may require major rework on the architect side. Moreover, it’s prone to lose all your configured data, images, etc.

Therefore, we propose to choose the appropriate plan right from the beginning to avoid any challenges later.

No, GST charges are not included in the plan (Applicable for INR only) amount mentioned above. You will get the final amount (included GST) at purchase time.

Yes, it is possible to create a cashback website on WordPress. Now you can become an affiliate entrepreneur and start making money from this cash-back script. We do not just offer the templates but we give you all the support required to get the most out of it!

You can use the affiliate program’s sub-id tracking features to track exactly which customer generated the sale. Then, use their affiliate API to receive their cash-back reward and send it directly to their bank account so that they will receive their cashback for free.

There are many coupon cashback themes available in the market which can help with customization requirements. Below is a list of top-notch coupon cashback themes for your next WordPress cashback website:

  1. CouponORB
  2. Couponer Pro
  3. WPCoupon Pro
  4. Coupon MTS
  5. KuponHub

There is a popular saying “A penny saved is a penny earned” and it holds true! In fact, it’s a good idea to use a cashback website with which you can save some money (cash) as compared to another website.

1. You have to install WordPress on the site and then buy a coupon theme like CouponORB

2. Sign-up with affiliates in India like vcommission, cuelinks etc. Those websites will show you the recent offers of products or services on Indian shopping websites among other websites.

3. Choose the best offers for your website visitors and create the coupons.

4. People visit your website, go to the merchant’s website and if they complete the sale you’re paid a commission which varies according to the merchant and product type.

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