Fully Automated Cashback App Development

Launch a cashback coupon app development for Android and iOS to reach your mobile audience. Manage all options from the intuitive admin CMS and reach out to millions of mobile users today!

  • User-friendly interface designed to enhance user engagement.
  • Benefit from integration with multiple affiliate networks.
  • Enjoy the efficiency of a fully automated API integration for cashback apps.
  • Has a team of experienced developers who are experts in the latest technologies.
  • Specialized services in cashback app development.

Launch a Cashback App for Android and iOS to reach your mobile audience.


Mobile Number Database

Captured mobile numbers can be used to target back via Telegram, WhatsApp or SMS to promote offers & get traction.


All-devices Compatible

The app is compatible with all devices with all the latest versions of Android & iOS with tested firmware compatibility.


Performance Optimized

App consumes very little processor works in lower internet speed, consumes
less battery.

Cashback App Development Features and Benefits


User-friendly Interface

A simple, intuitive design that’s easy to navigate, ensuring users to easily find the best deals, offers, and discounts.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Regular updates on new deals, cashback earnings, and withdrawal confirmations.

referral bonus

Referral Bonuses

The cashback app includes a referral system for extra earnings through friend and family invitations.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

The cashback app is designed for various mobile devices, making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Purchase Store History

Purchase Store History

The ability for users to track their cashback transactions and providing with up-to-date information about their savings.

Global Store Access

Global Store Access

A wide range of international e-commerce stores are available for cashback shopping.


Secure Transactions

Users can safely and securely make purchases through the app with the reassurance of top-notch security measures.

Exclusive Deals

Exclusive Deals

Users might have access to exclusive deals that are only available on the app.

Cashback apps for android

Our expertise lies in creating high-performance cashback apps for Android that provide users with the opportunity to earn cashback on their purchases. Our apps are designed to be intuitive, reliable, and user-friendly.


Amazing coupon cashback app features and benefits

With all the features of a standard cashback app, the cashback app only comes with, coupons, deals, cash-back, refer & earn notifications, purchased store history, how it works screens, frequently asked questions, and many more.

Note: This is an APK file. Install it on your Mobile Device.

Cashback coupon app development using the latest technologies

With cutting-edge advanced technology, start your daily deals app with the latest design and features. The cashback clone app is developed using React Native, JavaScript, CSS, etc for a seamless experience. Fully editable cashback app source code to chase your future custom development requirements.

By using the latest technological advancements, the app can handle a high volume of transactions, providing reliable and smooth performance. Its design can also be customized to fit specific business needs, creating a unique and optimized user experience that drives customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

The use of technologies like React Native, JavaScript, and CSS ensures that the app provides seamless navigation, real-time updates, and a visually pleasing interface.


All the functionalities that matter for the discount coupon app

The coupon app development has multiple screens for a listing of coupons, stores, categories, and how it works, refer & earn.

A neat, clean, sorted user interface for all public and user pages has made it the perfect choice for today’s business.

The coupon app development should have a comprehensive system for managing coupon, cashback and rewards. Users should be able to see their cashback in real-time and understand how it is calculated.

Coupons are organized by stores and categories, allowing for easy navigation and access. Additionally, a comprehensive cashback and reward management system provides real-time visibility into accumulated cashback and rewards, making the user experience more transparent and engaging.

For the app owners and admins, detailed analytics and reporting features would be beneficial to track the app’s performance and make data-driven decisions.

Everything for a cashback app user

Right from the log for clicks, cashback, bonuses, referral transactions, refers & earn to cashback payment requests, and missing cashback claim system, there’s everything for users.

A cashback app would have secure payment gateways, ensuring users’ financial information is safe during transactions.

Users should be able to easily find the coupons and deals that they are looking for using the app’s search functionality.

Users would have access to a wide variety of deals and coupons, sorted by categories and stores. This makes it easier to find specific deals that match their shopping needs and preferences.


Easy to manage cashback app admin panel

App-only CashbackAPP has a very intuitive admin panel to create, manage and update stores, categories, and offers.

Create pages of your choice with drag-and-drop elements. Edit and update content for your brand. Reach millions of mobile users with your app branding.

Deals App Development Pricing

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$3968 $4399

 ₹2,58,750 2,80,000

  • Product Daily Deals
  • Postback for instant tracking
  • A missing cashback claim system
  • Social login
  • Email notification
  • Multi-languages
  • Fraud user detection
  • Charts & Stats in User Dashboard
  • Share & earn
  • Cashfree or PayPal Automated Payout
  • Business Reports
  • Currency conversion
  • Email verification for payout request
  • Landing page for WhatsApp/Telegram

Free updates

1 Year

Free bug-fix support

12 Weeks

Free Complimentary Add-ons

(Limited Time)

  • DigitalOcean VPS Setup
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • SSL setup

  • Business Email on ZOHO
  • SMTP Setup by MailGun, Sendinblue

Affiliate Network Integration

$150 / per Network

9750 / per Network

  • Campaign API
  • Coupon API
  • Available Affiliate networks

  • Commission Rate API
  • Sale Data API
  • Integration with New networks

Our Various Cashback Software Solutions

We are specialized in coupon cashback business solutions. To meet every entrepreneurs need, we have the best cashback solutions as your need.


Didn’t get your answer? Contact us if you have any queries.

Check the pricing and submit the request for proposal for coupon app development, align the deliverables, and release the payment to get started with the execution.

We’ve developed the web-based admin panel with the MySQL database so that you can control all the configurations easily. Also, all the API integration for cashback apps automates various business operations.

All these data are exposed in secured API integration for cashback apps (without any website) so any change from the admin panel reflects in-app directly.

According to multiple studies, user engagement is way more efficient in the mobile app than in the website. Hence, app-only cashback works the best.

You need to have a developer account for Google Play Store, Apple iTunes, Google & Facebook for social login, OneSignal for notification, for deep links, etc. Once execution starts, our developer team will ask for various information via CRM like APIs, third-party accounts, developer accounts, etc.

To create a cashback app like Cashkaro begins with understanding why an app like Cashkaro is needed. Most of the cashback app development companies are offering clone app solutions.

The clone app just gives you similar looks. You need much more than just looks to run a successful affiliate business.

Clone cashback apps are not feasible for SEO, crawl ability, unique user experience, scalability, and much more. Here is a detailed guide on why cashback clone solutions are not sustainable.

EnactSoft cashback apps are unique and performance optimised for scalability.

However, if you still are looking to create one that looks like CashKaro there are many development companies offering clone cashback apps.

Yes, customization is available for app-only cashback. we provide an editable source code of our app. If you need customization, share your requirements with us, and we will share the quote along with customization charges. You can hire someone else for the customization as well.

Developing a coupon app development and deals app can bring numerous benefits to businesses looking to attract customers. Firstly, it provides a platform for businesses to offer exclusive deals and discounts to their customers, which can increase customer loyalty and drive sales.

Secondly, a coupon app development and deals app can increase brand visibility and attract new customers by offering a convenient way for them to find and redeem deals. The app also provides businesses with valuable data and insights about their customers, including their shopping habits and preferences, which can be used to target them with personalized promotions and advertisements.

Additionally, a coupon app development and deals app can also improve customer engagement and create a sense of community by allowing customers to share deals and promotions with friends and family. Overall, developing a coupon and deals app can provide businesses with a cost-effective and efficient way to attract and retain customers, and drive sales.

The following are the key elements that are important for the different panels in daily deal and discount coupon app development applications:


A clear and visually appealing design, easy navigation, and a curated selection of the latest and most popular deals.

Deal Listing:

A clear display of deal details including images, descriptions, pricing, and expiry dates. The ability for users to sort and filter deals based on their preferences.

Deal Details:

A detailed description of the deal, including images, specifications, and the terms and conditions of the offer. The ability for users to share the deal with friends and family.

Shopping Cart:

A clear and simple shopping cart that allows users to easily add and remove deals, and track the total cost of their purchases.

User Profile:

A secure and user-friendly profile panel that allows users to manage their personal information, view their transaction history, and access their saved deals.


The ability to receive notifications about new deals, expiring deals, and deal updates.

Customer Support:

A clear and easily accessible customer support panel that allows users to contact customer support for assistance with their purchases or any other questions they may have.

These key elements are important for ensuring that daily deal and discount coupon applications are user-friendly, efficient, and provide a seamless experience for users.

API integration is the process of connecting a cashback app to the APIs of merchant websites and affiliate networks. This allows the app to calculate cashback rewards, and track cashback transactions automatically.

There are a number of benefits to API integration for cashback app development. First, it allows the app to be more efficient. By automating the tracking of transactions and calculation of cashback rewards, API integration can free up developers to focus on other aspects of the app.

Second, API integration can help to improve the accuracy of cashback rewards. By connecting directly to merchant websites, API integration can ensure that the app is tracking all eligible transactions.

Third, API integration can help to improve the user experience. By providing real-time updates on cashback rewards, API integration can make the app more user-friendly and engaging.

A cashback clone app is a ready-made solution that mimics the functionalities and features of a successful cashback app. It’s a quick way to launch a cashback app, offering users features like cash back, coupon savings, and deals from various brands.

Loyalty app developers specialize in creating applications that reward customer loyalty, such as cashback apps. They build apps with features like loyalty points, rewards, exclusive deals, and personalized offers, aiming to increase customer retention and engagement.

Launch Your Affiliate Coupon Cashback App

Get started with the best cashback mobile app “app-only” development today! We specialize in developing coupon apps that offer the best deals and discounts to help users save money on their purchases.