Online & Local In-store Cashback System

  • Promote online offers with various affiliate network integration.
  • Works with local retailer brands with the one-to-one association.
  • Fully automated cashback tracking for online & in-store.
  • Unique work-flow for the local store conversion tracking.

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In-store cashback system

In-Store Cashback System Detailed Overview

Note: A must-watch video to understand an in-depth comparison of various in-store cashback tracking methods.

How Does In-store Cashback Software Work?

Superback in-store cashback Software enables earning cashback whenever users shop from your partner local stores. Here are four simple steps guide on how you can get cashback for in-store purchases.


1. Retailers partnership

Retailers create an in-store outlet, cashback offers. It’s available for user discovery after admin approval.


2. User redemption

Users discover the in-store cashback offer, visit the retailer. Purchase as usual and show QR codes during billing.


3. Earn cashback

Retailer scans QR code from app or web portal to verify the user and enter sale data. In-store cashback system automatically calculates the commission & passes on the cashback to users instantly.


4. Payment

After the return period is over, the commission & cashback is marked as confirmed. Users can withdraw cashback easily.

Online & In-Store Cashback Script Key Features

Geo-location Tenant in-store Cashback

Cashback retailers based on location with preference to change & detect device location.

Business Integration

Local outlets and stores can easily create and add a business with a few clicks via the seller panel.

Stores and Offers Verification

A business admin panel to verify all new stores and offers listed. No offers or stores are publicly available without verification.

Performance & Logs

Extra emphasis on the scalability and performance optimization ensures the website works well at a scale.

Online & In-store – Both-in-one cashback

Compatible with online merchant cashback and in-store cashback with retailer association.

Latest Offers

Stores can add offers and deals for each outlet and product they want to promote for discounts.

QR Code for Offers

Shoppers can view their cashback activities and show the QR code to claim the offer in-store.

SEO Friendly Implementation

Extensive modules to leverage various keyword-based SEO traffic, with the ability to customize the metadata globally as well as at each module level.

Superback In-store Cashback System Demo


Online & In-store Cashback Website Front-End

  • Highly scalable cashback website that combines online stores, offline stores, and local outlets.
  • Easy-to-use cashback website comes with an innovative design and unique features.
  • Attract new local, offline shoppers along with online users.

Email & Password: [email protected]


React JS, HTML & CSS Based

In-store/Local shop vendor portal

  • Add and manage offers, view all stats of performance using Superback vender portal.
  • Owner can manage teams and assign roles to perform specific tasks within store data.
  • Set cashback amount per outlet, per offers and more using vender portal.

Email and password: [email protected]

Android & iOS Mobile App

In-store Cashback App (Users)

  • Superback mobile app is developed using React Native framework offers high speed and increase user experience.
  • Coupled with the website database by scalable API, such that users can access the data from any platform.
  • Before you order your in-store cashback app, browse the demo below to get a brief idea.

Note: This is an APK file. Install in your mobile device.


React JS, HTML & CSS Based

In-store Outlet Cashback App

  • Outlet mobile app is made to manage payout while users shop from the store (offline).
  • Retailers can scan QR codes, verify offers, and avail cashback for users with outlet app.
  • Cashback system automatically calculates the commission and pass-on the cashback to users instantly.

Email & Password: [email protected]

Superback In-store Cashback Software Pricing

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  • Dynamic and multiple layouts
  • Online and offline missing cashback claim
  • Social login
  • Currency conversion
  • Multi-languages
  • Outlet app QR code scan
  • Email notification
  • Share & Earn
  • Listing of online and offline stores
  • Geo-location based nearby stores
Free bug-fix support 12 Weeks
Free Updates 1 year
Website + Buyer App + Vendor App $12499 $13000 ₹8,75,000 ₹9,50,000
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How we arrived at this price?

  • 100% editable source code to customize anytime.
  • It’s not cloned, but an authentic pre-made solution.
  • Deployment of the functional website on a server.
  • Excellent support to enable non-tech founders to manage the website& launcha business.
  • Complete documentation with video tutorials.
  • Guidance on the network association.
  • GTmetrix & Google PageSpeed optimized solution
  • Business consultation from industry experts.
  • Design customization with Gutenberg builder.
  • Dynamic colors & multiple style variants
  • SEO-optimized solution with global templates & module level control.
  • Variable month and date in SEO configuration.
  • Ability to create unlimited pages, stores, coupons.
  • Quick delivery with complete deployment.
  • Translation ready
  • Lifetime customization support
  • A higher value for the reasonable cost
  • 100% contract-driven & transparent pricing
  • Payment via PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Free Complimentary Add-ons

Limited Time

  • DigitalOcean VPS Setup
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • SSL setup

  • Business Email on ZOHO
  • SMTP Setup by Sendgrid, MailGun, Sendinblue
  • Website deployment

Affiliate Network Integration



  • Campaign API
  • Coupon API
  • Available Affiliate networks

  • Commission Rate API
  • Sale Data API
  • Integration with New networks


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In-store Cashback software is usually the cashback you get when you shop offline or in person. In the in-store cashback system you earn cashback is available in a specific app linked to your credit or debit card. There are also in-store cashback apps and websites available nowadays. Users can browse offers on the website or app and then shop offline and get cashback in the app.

According to the data from Statista, online retail sales accounted for 18 percent of all retail sales worldwide. It means that there is still 82% of the sales process offline. Cashback and offers are great ways to attract people who shop offline. Superback the online cashback software is compatible with online merchant cashback and offline so you don’t miss out on any target market.

Yes, you can start the cashback portal even without the in-store retailer partnership, by leveraging the online cashback with affiliate network API integration.

No, Superback is an independent product, and therefore, it will require a fresh deployment. You may discontinue Laraback based cashback portal and move to the Superback-based in-store cashback system by migrating user data.

We do not have a premade solution, but yes, as a custom project, we can implement the CLO. It may cost USD 50k – 75k for the system.

One of the finest in-store cashback systems at uses this business model, there are many other in-store cashback websites like Rakuten, ibotta, etc.

Online cashback software is designed for online shopping. Users make purchases through online platforms and receive a portion of their spending back in the form of cashback. In contrast, in-store cashback software is designed to function with physical retail stores, allowing users to earn cashback rewards when shopping in person.

Just like with in-store cashback systems, online cashback software tracks your purchases made through participating online retailers. After you make a purchase, the software calculates a percentage of your spending to return to you as cashback. This amount is then credited back to your account or digital wallet within the software.

Yes, a local store cashback script can be customized to set up your own cashback program. This allows you to define the cashback rules, such as the percentage of cashback, eligible products, and more. However, you may need technical expertise or professional help to properly implement and manage this script.

By offering cashback rewards for purchases made in local stores, these scripts help to drive customer loyalty and encourage more spending in local businesses. This not only benefits customers through cashback rewards but also aids local businesses by increasing their customer base and revenue.

Security is a top priority for in-store cashback software providers. A well-designed in-store cashback script should include robust security measures, including data encryption and secure data handling practices, to protect both the business and its customers. Always check the security features of the script with the provider before implementation.

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