A Cashback Business for Growing Businesses

The performance-optimized cashback system with a website developed on AngularJS, PHP Laravel and other latest frameworks to offer better security and sustainability. It enhances the overall brand outlook by offering a minimalist user interface. The React native based mobile app for Android and iOS platform works in sync with website configuration. Let your user never miss to activate cashback by offering chrome solutions and Firefox browser extension.

Key Features

Our approach to developing a website, mobile app and browser extension is keeping in mind the business need, less maintenance, maximum automation, fewer errors along with optimum security and optimization for the SEO compatibility.

Intuitive CMS

Manage all content, banners, cashback configurations, etc from easy to use admin panel without writing any code.

Offers with Cashback

With a minimalist design that works if you want just cashback / coupons with the cashback functionality seamlessly

Multi Language Compatible

Now convert your website into multi-languages for all the static and dynamic content with few configuration changes

Automated & Secured

Manual intervention helps improve the consistency & accuracy of the overall business operations


SEO Friendly

Special care is taken to implement the best SEO practices to help you grab organic traffic easily in shorter time

Optimized for Higher Scale

Now grow your business without worry as it’s optimized to sustain with scale when complemented with hardware

Automation Options

















Growth hacking cashback business solution

A cashback system that is powerful to sustain the higher scale, security, automation, SEO friendliness.
A perfect cashback website, mobile app and browser extension for growing business.

All device responsive

Fluid website layout fits in all device resolution to offer great user experience

Multi-level cashback

Set multiple cashback categories for a store and system will identify maximum rate.

Complete data log

All out clicks are recorded with time-stamp, click location, user id, network, links & more.

Promotional notification

Broadcast notifications about hottest offers to improve the reach and conversion.

Fraud user detection

Identify users with multiple & duplicate referral account with our smart reports.

Conditional cashback payout

Set first time payment condition, minimum withdrawal limit at each payment mode.

Cashback tracked alerts

Send all cashback updates automatically to users system with OneSignal integration.

RTL ready

Compatible with Arabic, Urdu or any other RTL language within few configurations

Dual cashback type

Based on merchant terms, set cashback type to ‘cashback’ or ‘reward’ easily.

Translation ready

All the content, labels, configuration is dynamic to translate without coding.

Intuitive CMS

Manage all content from easy to use admin panel without writing any code

Multiple languages Support

Convert your cashback system to multi land compatible easily

LarabackPRO Demo

Robust tech solution

Cashback Website

Cashback Mobile

Browser Extension


Coupon – Cashback Website

Highly scalable, best suited for the growing cashback business from across the globe. The minimalist design with unique features puts you on top of the industry with key differentiators of the business. Promote best coupons, product deals and offer cashback to create highly loyal returning users.

Starts at $1899 / Rs. 1,25,000


Cashback Mobile App

The app is using cutting edged technology developed by Facebook namely React Native framework. It’s connected with website database by scalable API, such that users can access the data from any platofrm easily.

Coupon, deals, cashback and in-app notification makes the app stand out in crowd across the spectrum.

Starts at $2399 / Rs. 1,62,500

Note: It’s an Apk file. Please Try in Mobile Device


Activate Cashback Browser Extension

Cashback reminder browser extension helps acquire and retain customers easily. Moreover, improve the conversion as everytim user visites any merchant partner, it reminds users to activate the cashback.

Opt for the apply coupon automatically add-on to let users get the maximum benefit of the the promo code.

Starts at $2889 / Rs. 2,00,000

Power Up Your Business with Add-ons

Optional add-ons can be opted anytime now or later.


Business Solutions


The WordPress based cashback system that is most complete for startup business solution.


Launch the cashback App-only business to tap into the mobile audience and grow your business being a lean organization.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide business Custom Cashback Solutions to enterprise clients with a branded website, app, extension & more.

Our Advantages

Know about key differentiators about our solutions compared to others.


Visit our blog for contentful resources suitable for existing and upcoming affiliate marketers.

Contact Us

Unsure about suitable products, services or need more information, feel free to contact us.

Solution development partner

I was in search for expertise in the affiliate industry for development and support of my cashback website. I went through many company profiles and I am glad to have found EnactOn Technologies. Upon request, I was presented with a comprehensive proposal and had many more details than I asked for, which helped me proceed further with the implementation.

⇒ Tejas Ahobala( (Founder of Khareedhi)

Impressed with domain knowledge

I feel lucky to find EnactOn technologies. Their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach in bringing our new exhibit to life online. What I really love in EnactOn is dedicated to tech. Experts ready to provide all the support we need.

⇒ Y Shreekanth (Founder of Cashkart365)

Frequently Asked Questions 

How LarabackPRO is suitable for us?
LarabackPRO is the best suited for you if you’re aiming a great scale in a shorter period of time, expecting a lot of networks, merchants association and millions of users. This system is optimized for automation, SEO, performance, security to offer the great competitive edge on all aspects.
What’s so special about LarabackOS that I don’t get from other Cashback website script?

LarabackPRO is clean, minimalist cashback website, mobile app, and extension. You can promote brands with/without coupons. You can choose to promote product deals.

Tap in multiple pages for various store categories, coupon categories keywords easily as it enables target those keywords with dedicated landing pages.

This has many other features implemented for a growing business looking at the quick scale. We’ve made sure that you’ve maximum automation, optimization, SEO friendliness, performance, etc at your disposal when opted for the cashback system.

What’s the hosting / server requirement?

We typically opt for following config server;

  • 1-2 GB RAM
  • Linux
  • nginx
  • php7-fpm
  • mysql 5.6 and above

Moreover, you may opt for our Add-on service to get the DigitalOcean VPS setup and deployment along with multiple freebies like SSL, business email setup and Cloudflare setup etc.

Which all third-party services we need to opt for to make the website operational and what’s their pricing model?

Following third-party services are included out of the box:

Mailgun / Sendingblue– to send system generated email notification to users, i.e. when signup, cashback tracked etc.  Check their website for more details.

Google Social Login – To enable users signup / login using their personal Gmail account

Facebook Social Login – To enable users signup / login using their personal Facebook  account

If we opt for the VPS setup, who has ownership rights for server?

The DigitalOcean account will be created by you and you will add us as a developer team, which after setup and deployment completion, can be removed from your team account.

This way, the entire server is always in your control with full ownership.

I want to add some custom functionality, how do I get it implemented.

Customization support is available lifetime, so you can get it done now during the first time implementation or you can contact us once the website is live and get the implementation done for custom cashback solutions functionality.

Alternatively, you can hire other agencies for the custom cashback website development also. Please note that, if any code is broken by other agency will not be covered under support clause.

Can I control % commission I want to pass-on to my users?

Yes, you can set the % commission you wish to pass-on to your users at every store level and automatically system will take care to award the cashback appropriately.

How refer & earn works?

Let’s assume Peter is already using your cashback website and send referral invite to John to join as a new user. You can set to award Peter and John to earn some amount as a referral and new user joining, i.e. Peter earns $2.5 for sharing the referral link and John earns $5 per joining as a new user using referral code.

Not just this, you can set to offer some % of cashback earning of John to be passed on Peter for lifetime.

You can control that %age and duration until which the peter will continue to earn.

Now, to prevent any misuse, we’ve set the condition for the John to use referral code and complete the shopping amount of $250 within 90 days  to be eligible to earn the joining bonus confirmed, else, the bonus will expire for both John and Peter.

The minimum transaction amount and duration can be set from admin panel.

Is cashback tracking automated?

Yes, right from user click on your website to tracking the user details, passing on the details to tracking platform.

Once the sale is tracked in the affiliate network, it’s pulled in your cashback system with network sale API integration and all calculation, referral transactions, etc is identified and awarded to users automatically.

Can we import sale data from our choice of affiliate networks?
Yes, you can do that using bulk import functionality of sale data from any network of your choice.
How do we create merchants, categories, coupons?

You can create merchants from the direct network by opting for network merchant API integration. If not opted, you can use admin panel to create new merchants or use bulk import functionality and create using CSV file.

Simiarly, categories are required to be created one-time, so you can either continue to use what we provide out of the box or create as many categories as you wish from admin panel.

For coupons also, you can either get the network coupon API integration or any third party coupon API service integrated or create manually or use CSV file to bulk import.

What happen to cashback amount if user cancel the order / return it after the cashback is tracked.

With sale data API integration, we keep the transaction status in sync with the tracking platform. Generally, all tracking platforms track the transaction as PENDING and only after the return period is over and the user has not cancelled the order, it’s marked as CONFIRMED, so our system will also mark that as pending, to begin with, and confirmed once it’s updated by tracking platform. If tracking platform marks it as declined, we also mark the transaction as declined.

This automation works only if sale API integration is done with the tracking platform. Else, it needs to be kept in sync with the network by manually or with CSV bulk upload.