Lite Cashback System for YouTubers

Promote CPA, CPL, CPI, etc campaigns and award instant cashback to your users. With this system, the user enters the Cashfree linked UPI ID number and performs the transaction. As soon as the transaction is tracked user is transferred the promised Cashfree cashback.

  • It enhances the customer buying experience and promotes loyalty.
  • Security is prioritized to protect transactions and customer data.
  • Instant rewards drive repeat purchases and customer retention.
  • Providing instant cashback and loyalty rewards.
  • It is suitable for start-ups, YouTubers, and anyone who wants to start a cashback business.

Instant Cashback Reward System Features and Benefits

instant cashback reward system

Instant Cashback

Users could receive cashback immediately upon making eligible purchases.


Easy Integration

The solution could be easily integrated into existing platforms or systems.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Users could be able to track their cashback earnings in real-time.

Secure Transaction

Secure Transactions

It prioritizes secure transactions, ensuring the safety and privacy of its users’ financial data

How InstaBACK Works

A scaled-down version of the instant coupon cashback system to promote various online campaigns of software, games, mobile app install, etc. The shopper is rewarded instantly.


1. Create Offer

A dedicated landing page is created with the offer details. The Affiliate link is created with Sub IDs to capture user details along with steps & terms.


2. Shopper Transaction

A user enters his/her Cashfree linked UPI ID number, visits the merchant/offer page and completes the transaction.


3. Instant Payout

Affiliate Network tracks the transaction with dynamic Sub ID of click, user mobile number. Export this report and pay instantly to users.

Instant Cashback Reward System

With our state-of-art technology expertise and domain knowledge, our team has worked to demystify the cashback business tangibles.


Mobile Number Database

Captured mobile numbers can be used to target back via Telegram, WhatsApp, or SMS to promote many Affiliate offers and get instant traction.


Works with Any Network

Promote campaigns from ANY network of your choice. Build the link and it tracks the conversions with Sub ID. Refer to network report & payout.


Referrer Tracking

Share the landing page URL with different referrer IDs to multiple YouTubers and Marketers and track the transactions automatically.

Demo in Action

Demo speaks louder than words. Explore our functional demo that helps you understand the system better.


Instant Affiliate Business Software for YouTubers

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Theme source code

Complete documentation included

4 Weeks free bug support

Lifetime free updates

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How is this different?

Unlike a typical instant coupon cashback system, with InstaBACK, the user need not register or log in with you. The user just enters the mobile number and completes the transaction.

The objective of the instant cashback reward system is to reward users for campaigns that don’t call for cancellation or return, such as app installs, games, micro-tasks, finance & wallet promotion, hyper-local, and so on.

Once the transaction is tracked, there’s no reason to wait for a payout as it’s not going to be canceled. Thus, reward your users and instantly build a great community of InstaBACK.


With our state-of-art technology expertise and domain knowledge, our team has worked to demystify the cashback business tangibles. The technology stack is picked carefully considering the need for startup and growth potential. Our idea is to deploy once and without maintenance and dependency on the developer, an admin should be able to change the entire system with simple-to-use options, thus it’s dynamic to the core.

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As per most online resources, the affiliate industry is one of the low-hanging techniques to make money online. Having said that, you may refer to our blog which covers the complete process of starting an affiliate business with a cashback website. You can also check out blogs for YouTubers.

InstaBACK – Instant Reward & Cashback Website for all your online shopping and best suited for the start-up business who (Especially for YouTubers) wants to get started with a proper business but with a limited budget and resources. It’s a complete package with optional automation, a Custom management system, SEO friendly, and an elegant user interface such that nothing would be missing compared to any full-stack cashback business.

InstaBACK is a CMS cashback website/Software that allows you to manage your website without knowledge of any code or the help of any developer.

With this, you can create your own home page with just some clicks promote your social media links, and build a social community including your store details and contact information.

You can create your offer page where your people can see offer details, the procedure to get cashback, offer ad deals, and also submit the request or purchase the products after entering their phone number. It is very simple and easy to manage the website. No expert knowledge of coding is required at all.

Yes, you can track your customers’ details when they click on your link and redirect them to the landing page. The sub-id will be created when the user clicks on the links that will store your customer’s details. For example, Phone number, IP address, etc.

Also, you can track your partner YouTubers’ links if your customers came from partners’ links to your website and make a purchase. we will create a referrer ID when a customer clicks your partner link and it will be updated to the click log section in the admin panel.

Yes, if your customers are facing such missing cashback issues they can write you a ticket which will be received by mail you provided in the help section, Then you can look forward to the issues and get the problem solved.

No, this is not a comprehensive coupon cashback system. it’s unique compared to other complicated cashback systems. Users can just enter the phone number or hit the submit button to redirect to your landing page and take action to get rewards.

Instaback’s loyalty software can help improve customer retention, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction by providing instant rewards. It’s a valuable tool for businesses looking to incentivize and retain their customers.

In the instant coupon cashback system, when customers use a coupon code during a purchase, they receive a percentage of their purchase back as cashback immediately. This incentivizes coupon usage and enhances customer experience.

Instaback works in real-time, providing immediate rewards to customers. This instant gratification can improve customer satisfaction and engagement, which in turn can drive more sales and increase customer retention.

Instaback’s Instant Affiliate Business Software is a solution designed to help businesses streamline their affiliate programs. It provides real-time cashback rewards to affiliates, enhancing their satisfaction and motivation to drive more referrals.

Instaback’s Instant Cashback Software automatically calculates the cashback amount based on predefined rates once a transaction is completed. The instant cashback reward system is then immediately credited to the customer’s account or given as a discount on the spot.

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