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Boost your affiliate earnings with the Cashrewards clone script

Launch your own cashback platform like Cashrewards faster with our clone script. Replicate and customize the features and functionalities to attract more users and get a competitive edge in the market.

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What is Cashrewards Clone Script?

Cashrewards is a leading Australian cashback platform. With 2 million users and 2000 brands onboard, Cashrewards helps earn cashback on a wide range of categories. What makes it unique is its convenience. Its browser extension, Notifier allows you to apply cashback easily on any website. Also, it is available on mobile apps, adding a layer of convenience to earn cashback on any device.

You can build your own platform like Cashrewards to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts with our Cashrewards clone script. The ready-to-use clone script is 100% customizable and loaded with options to automate mundane tasks. The script includes everything from user registration to cashback distribution, tracking and merchant management.

Custom development takes time, so you can use our Cashrewards clone script to build a platform similar to cashrewards in less than half the time. So, you can focus on onboarding merchants and developing marketing strategies while we develop a cashback platform for you.

Why build a cashback platform like Cashrewards?


Wide audience reach

With availability on mobile, web, and via extension, you can reach a wide audience to help them earn cashback for everyday spending.

Brand Partnerships

Having your own cashback platform gives you the flexibility to collaborate with brands and strengthen relationships with them.

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Higher earning opportunities

You can collaborate with brands in your region to offer exclusive deals to increase conversion rates and affiliate earnings.

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Enhanced Shopping Experience

You can make shopping more convenient and rewarding by offering mobile apps and browser extensions like Cashrewards.

Secure Transaction

Diversify income sources

Collect anonymized data and offer brand promotions and advertisement opportunities to diversify your income sources.

Competitive Differentiation

Offering higher cashback rates, faster payouts, or unique rewards can set your platform apart in a competitive market.

Cashrewards Script Features

Our script is designed to meet the needs of various cashback platforms.

Mobile Compatibility

Cashback Websites & App

A website and app packed with features and robust tracking features to offer a convenient way of earning cashback.

Browser extension

Offer your customer the convenience to check and earn cashback on any site with the browser extension.

User Account Management

Users can easily create accounts, track cashback, and withdraw it.

Merchant management

Manage merchant commissions and cashback rates for every merchant with just a few clicks.


Automated cashback Tracking

Track cashback in real-time with our clone script and build a transparent platform that users can trust.

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Referral Program

Let your customers bring more users to your platform and reward them with referral earnings.

Secure Transaction

Do it for the good

Donate a part of your earnings to charity to NGOs and offer them a helping hand.

Loyalty Rewards System

Boost customer retention with a system that rewards frequent users. Earn points for transactions, redeemable for extra cashback or special offers.

Planning to launch your own cashback platform like Cashrewards?

Our team of experts can help you create an cashback platform like Cashrewards. With 11 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, our experts can help you not just build a platform but also scale it based on growing demand. Connect with our team today and start building your affiliate marketing platform!

How does Cashrewards Clone work?

The Cashrewards script will replicate Cashrewards’ features and functionalities. It will also let you customize the platform based on your requirements.


1. Quick sign-up

Let users easily register on your platform.


2. Find deals

Users can find merchants offering the highest cashback rates.


3. Earn Cashback

Users can track cashback earnings in real-time and report discrepancies, if any.


4. Withdraw cashback

Users can withdraw confirmed cashback using PayPal, and other options.

Benefits of Choosing Our Cashrewards Script

Ready-To-Launch Solution

Establish your online cashback platform like Cashrewards without the hassles and expenses of custom development.


Tailor the platform to your specific business needs and seamlessly scale to accommodate growth as your user base expands.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

Receive regular updates and maintenance to keep your affiliate platform secure, up-to-date with the latest technologies, and bug-free.

Comprehensive Admin Panel

Manage and oversee all platform operations with ease, from top-performing brands to cashback payouts.


Save on development costs with a pre-built solution like Cashrewards that’s both high-quality and budget-friendly.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with users in mind, our Cashrewards clone script offers an intuitive and seamless shopping experience.


Tailor the cashback platform to your brand and specific needs, ensuring it aligns with your business vision.

Bug-Free & Secure Transactions

Benefit from a robust and well-tested Cashrewards clone script that ensures stability and reliability.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensure users can access your platform on the go with a design that’s optimized for mobile devices.

Community Support

Access ongoing support and guidance from a community of experts to address any queries or challenges you may encounter.



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Our clone script includes features like automatic cashback tracking, user account management, merchant management and a dashboard for both you and your users.

Yes, our script is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the design, functionality, and user experience to meet your specific business needs and brand identity.

We implement industry-standard security measures, including SSL encryption, secure payment gateways, and regular security audits to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure.

Absolutely! Our Cashrewards clone is designed to scale effortlessly to handle high traffic volumes, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience during peak shopping periods.

We offer comprehensive support, including technical assistance, updates, and maintenance to ensure your platform runs smoothly and stays updated with the latest features and security measures.

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