In-Store & Online Cashback, Offers Business Solution

Superback is an in-store (also known as offline) and online cashback system. It is a perfect system for a startup looking to promote in-store & online cashback offers with moderate investment, strategic growth. It’s a highly scalable cashback solution with advanced technology that aims to combine online and local stores together.



How Does Superback In-store Cashback Work?

In-Store cashback system allows you to earn cashback whenever users shop from the partner local stores. Here are the 4 simple steps guide to understand how you get cashback with nearby shopping.


Perfect In-store & Online Cashback Solution


React JS, HTML & CSS Based

In-store & Online Cashback Website

Superback cashback website is a highly scalable cashback website. It combines online stores, offline stores, and local outlets. Easy to use cashback website comes with an innovative design and unique features. Best in-store cashback solution to attract new local and online users to enhance your affiliate business.


Email & Password:

[email protected]


React JS, HTML & CSS Based

In-store & Online Cashback Vender Portal

Superback vendor portal allows the store owners to add and manage offers, view all stats of performance. Using vendor portal, the owner can manage teams and assign roles to perform specific tasks within store data. Vender can also set cashback to be given per outlet and per offer.


Email & Password:

[email protected]


Android & iOS Mobile App

In-store Cashback App (Users)

Superback mobile app is developed using React Native framework offers high speed and increase user experience. It’s coupled with the website database by scalable API, such that users can access the data from any platform.

Use coupons, deals, cashback, and in-app notifications to tap into the millions of mobile users.


React JS, HTML & CSS Based

In-store Outlet Cashback App

Superback outlet mobile app is made to manage payout while users shop from the store (offline). It allows retailers to scan QR codes, verify offers, and avail cashback for users. The cashback system automatically calculates the commission and pass-on the cashback to users instantly.


Superback Solution Pricing

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Website + Buyer App + Vendor App

$9999 $12500

 ₹700000 875000

  • Dynamic & multiple layout
  • Online & offline cashback missing claim
  • Social login
  • Currency conversion
  • Multi-languages
  • Outlet app QR code scan
  • Email notification
  • Share & Earn
  • Listing of online and offline stores
  • Geo location based nearby stores

Free updates

12 Weeks

Free bug-fix support

1 Year

Free Complimentary Add-ons

(Limited Time)

  • DigitalOcean VPS Setup
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • SSL setup

  • Business Email on ZOHO
  • SMTP Setup by MailGun, Sendinblue
  • Website deployment

Affiliate Network Integration

$150 / per Network

9750 / per Network

  • Campaign API
  • Coupon API
  • Available Affiliate networks

  • Commission Rate API
  • Sale Data API
  • Integration with New networks

Still, have questions?

FAQS – We have got you all covered

According to the data from Statista, online retail sales accounted for 18 percent of all retail sales worldwide. It means that there is still 82% of the sales process offline. Cashback and offers are great ways to attract people who shop offline. Superback is compatible with online merchant cashback and offline both so you don’t miss out on any target market.

Yes, you can start the cashback portal even without the in-store retailer partnership, by leveraging the online cashback with affiliate network API integration.

No, Superback is an independent product, and therefore, it will require a fresh deployment. You may discontinue Laraback based cashback portal and move to Superback based system by migrating user data though.

We do not have premade solution, but yes, as a custom project we can implement the CLO. It may cost USD 50k – 75k for the system.

One of the finest cashback systems at uses this business model, there are many others too.


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