Charity Cashback Software

FundBack – Fundraising Donation Cashback System

The FundBack enables shoppers to donate cashback earning to their preferred charities. Listing of stores, coupons, offers with branded charity pages, the FundBack is perfect business solutions for startup. Most of the operations are automated with various network API integration to create stores, offers, coupons, track donations along with email notification and many more…

FundBack - Fundraising Donation Cashback System

Charity Cashback Solution Pricing

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$1899 $2299

 ₹119500 160000

  • Elegant, intuitive & immersive homepage
  • Fundraising goal along with actual tracking
  • A missing donation claim system
  • Fraud referral user detection
  • Email notification
  • Social login
  • Listing of charities charities by causes
  • Promotion tools

Free updates

3 Months

Free bug-fix support

4 Weeks



Free Complimentary Add-ons

(Limited Time)

  • DigitalOcean VPS Setup
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • SSL setup

  • Business Email on ZOHO
  • SMTP Setup by MailGun, Sendinblue
  • Website deployment

Affiliate Network Integration

$150 / per Network

9750 / per Network

  • Campaign API
  • Coupon API
  • Available Affiliate networks

  • Commission Rate API
  • Sale Data API
  • Integration with New networks

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Automated Charity Donation for Good Cause

Right when the user selects the charity to donate, to shopping from the partner merchant, getting back the conversion data, keeping the conversion status synchronize with the affiliate network, information to the user & charities about the transaction, and so on is automated with cutting-edge technologies.

Charity Software Key Features


Fundraising Donation System

  • User earned cashback is donated to the use selected charity.
  • The user selects the charity before initiating the transaction on any merchant partner
  • User can avail the discount code, offers & deals and yet earned cashback will be donated
  • There’s a dedicated charity onboarding page along with their dashboard
  • Charities can manage their cause information and seek funds from users
  • User earned cashback is automatically paid out to charities, without user need to take any action
  • Showcase business as non-profit social project

Typical Cashback Website

  • User earned cashback is paid out to the user as & when confirmed.
  • There’s no additional selection require by user.
  • User can avail the discount code, offers & deals
  • There’s no such charity dashboard
  • There’s no such landing page
  • User need to request cashback payment by satisfying minimum amount condition based on the payment mode
  • It’s for profit business

Cashback Browser Extension For Chrome & Microsoft Edge

Cashback reminder browser extension helps acquire and retain customers easily. Moreover, improve the conversion as every time user visits any merchant partner, it reminds users to activate the cashback and they can donate to respective charity and organization.

Opt for the apply coupon automatically add-on to let users get the maximum benefit of the promo code.

Click Here to know how to install the browser extension in your Chrome Browser.


FAQs about charity cashback website

Yes, you need to have an affiliate network association to run the charity cashback portal.
In most cases, the network approves the account only after you have a functional website, so first, get the website/app/browser extension developed and apply for the network association if already not available.

Yes, for every merchant, you can set the %age you want to offer a donation to charities and rest will be with you.

This way, your cut will help you sustain your business expenses.

Charities can manage their profile content, cause details, initiatives they have undertaken, money they’ve spent, testimonial from their initiatives, etc.

Moreover, they can see who all have supported their cause and donated so that they can get in touch and send them to thank you note!

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